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    Now that a few of us are running these props, does anyone know where to sent them to be reconditioned?

    I assume that the local prop shop will not be able to bring them back to where they should be.

    Maybe Acme has a service themselves.
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    I just had my Acme wheels turned after an encounter with a submerged pine tree. I had them done by Wildcat Props - a prop scan facility. They were brought back to a Class 1 condition and the boat runs as before.

    Acme props are machined at manufacture, but after that any repair will come back to a hammer . . . Make sure you tell your technician to read the cup with a dial indicator gauge and put the cup back into the props as/after the repairs are complete. Carolina's need the lift of the cup in the wheel and just won't run right without it . . .


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      Sorry - I forgot to log before posting the above . .


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        me too

        I hit a mola at 1st light yesterday and knocked one slightly out of alignment. It can't be too bad as we ran another hr at 25 knots; trolled all day then came home. I took a swim before starting the run home and didn't see a ding or bend; but one blade had a shiny spot from the strike.
        Np shimmy or shake; no shaft vibration but the boat doesn't come out of the hole as well and seemed to have a different harmonic.

        Ran home 80 miles at 26 knots and briefly hit 30 knots on the way in, so its something I'll live with for the last month and a half of the season; then send back to Acme over the winter.