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Need advise on mounting radar

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  • Need advise on mounting radar

    Last few trips out, had to run back in to avoid bad weather. Didn't quite make it all the way back without getting pounded last 2 trips. Lots of wind and lightening. Not fun. Unnerved the wife at home enough that she let me get a radar. Just purchased a Furuno 1833C
    and need advise on where to mount the dome. The problem is the liferaft. Here is the link to my boat when it was on the market
    You can see the location of the raft is where the dome should go. Is there a way to do this without moving the raft? Pros & Cons of moving raft to front of boat? Other locations for dome? Thanks. Are these awesome boats or what?! Love those Yanmars!

    Jerome, Tailwalker II, Southport, NC

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    You can have a cradle fabricated to span the radar dome. This may interfere somewhat with your coverage to either side, but it would probably be negligable. Any T-top or tower fabricator could make it...I'd guess it'd run $4-500 to build.


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      we run in fog a lot up here - I probably have 500-750+ nmiles of fog runs this year alone. You don't want to be double guessing "is it interference from the cradle or is it a target" when you are head down in the radar trying to navigate a crossing channel, lobster pots, birds, rips and at least a couple real targets in the mix.

      I also suggest of not too late you retum the dome and get a 48" open array. The extra 1K is well worth it in target discrimination as it drops the horizontal beam from 3.9 degrees to either 2.2 or 1.9 degrees; effectively doubling your ability to discriminate close targets.

      I have a valise raft which stays in the helm on runs offshore; I honestly do not understand how an inflatable raft will clear the CC tower or for that matter the tower of most boats that have them on the hardtop.

      The other tidbit to think about is center of gravity. The raft is ~100#; a radar is another 50# - thats like always running with a person in the tower. Its not going to kill you or put you at risk; but you are increasing the "tippiness" of the boat as a result.


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        Thanks for the reply. We do not have to deal with that much fog here in NC. Sometimes the Cape Fear River, which I have to navigate 2-3 miles, can get pretty soupy, but after we get to the shipping channnel it always clears up. I only have to run 45 miles to get to Blue Water, sometimes more, sometimes less. Most of our fishing grounds are 35 miles to 45 miles. This time of year the weather develops/changes/moves quickly. I really wanted it to track weather. The dome is 30#s. Also, if you check the Furuno link, you will see that the upgrade to the 48" open array is $7500.00 compares to $5000.00 retail. I paid $3700.00, so the price would literatlly double. So after doing the homework, I chose the 36 miles dome. I also walked around the marina checking other boats out for mounting ideas and out of 25-30 fishing vessels, only 1 had an open array, and it was a boat that was purchased up north. I'm not sure I've seen any 28'CC with an open array, but would like to. The 6 man raft I have has to be tossed from the boat then a cable pulled to deploy it. Two quick latches on the cradle and its free, toss everything over. 30# unit. Hope I never have to try it. I was hoping to get some input from someone that had mounted the liferaft on the bow, and how that effects visibility/handling, etc. Also maybe some different ideas for dome locations. I always get lots of good ideas after reading these posts. Thanks again Backman.


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          open radar 28'cc

          here is my boat..Charlie.


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            my boat has a ant. but i my comp. at work won't let me downsize the pic..i'll post from home tonite...Charlie.


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              I understand your concern on the weight issue, but I don't think the interference caused by the cradle would be an issue. I have a full tower and outriggers on mine, and the tower legs and O/R's don't cause a problem with my 36 NM dome radar. The legs on the cradle wouldn't need to be any larger than 1" OD, and the tower legs are considerably larger.
              A more powerful open array may be a different story, though.....
              I considered using a setup like I described, but thought better of it due to the fact I wouldn't want the raft to get hung up on the upper console or tower if it were to be deployed. So, I keep a valise raft behind the passenger seat when I am under way. It's out of traffic and very accessable there.


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                CC w/ open array

                Fits nice Thats a Furuno 28" open array.

                I agree if your not using radar for northern fog a 2005 24"/4Kw radome is both more practical and almost as efficient as my 1998 48"/4Kw radar.

                The processing power in your display will far outdo my narrower beam
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