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    I am looking at moving up to a 25 w diesel. I plan on trailering it since I will be living in Maryland and plan on fishing in NC from time to time.

    Can any of you that trailer answer the following:

    - is it a difficult boat to launch by ramp?
    - can this boat be hoisted via straps under the hull or bow ring and stern rings?

    Future CC owner

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    I personally wouldn't lift the boat by the bow ring and they are no rings on the transom. Just too heavy. Straps link on a travel lift are good. I have a friend that trailers and he has no problems at all. By the way my boat is for sell. Check it out at


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      If you have not purchased your cc25 yet, I also have one for sale w/260 deisel. check it out on the Buy sell, trade thread under 2000 cc25 kamd 44 or email me [email protected]. Don't know about trailering, have nver trailered mine.


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        Not difficult at all to launch. Can be a little difficult to load, esspecially with a bunk trailer. A travel lift is the easiest way to raise the boat.


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          just bought my 25 in august. i've single-handed it offshore. worst problem is that the boat doesn't track well...can't hold a straiight line. it's a heavy boat and i decided against trailering because it just seemed too much to haul out of the water on a trailer and to drive down the highway. you'll need a big truck if you do, and lots of help getting it on the trailer, in my opinion. otherwise, i think it may be the best boat for its size to attempt the blue water runs. i've been impressed with its seaworthiness so far.

          btw-reel lady....why are you selling your 25? i was looking forward to learning a few things from you next fishing season...



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            Keep my 25 on a trailer - it is an easy vessel to launch, even single-handed. I keep a bow line tied, back till almost floats, start the engine. Climb over the bow rail, untie, and back off the trailer. You will find this is easier than a small lighter boat to launch.

            I have bunks and as noted, can be a challange to put back on alone. Often need someone with a line to keep the stern stright as I drive up the bunks... and you will probably need to set your tounge a few times to get the weight correct. Still, I single-hand load her at least 1/2 the time.

            She is heavy - I do know when I am towing her. We don't have 'hills' in Florida, but going up bridges is similar. I have only a short trailer to the ocean, however don't think I would trailer long distances often. Why trailer? Simple: my dock is too small and I will not keep any I/O in the water.

            Re: 'doesn't track well'. At idel speeds, even with duo-prop, I agree. However anything above idel mine tracks fine and one plane holds a line very well. johnd


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              i have trailer the 25 for 3 years now. I had to add side guides to the back of the trailer after and issue loading in high wind. It is a learning curve getting it on the trailer. I also broke 2 hand winches and switched to a power winch. That seems to be holding a bit better. I tow with a 1 ton duelly deisel and have no problems towing. I religeously use 4 low to get out of the ramp. Just easier on the truck, although it will pull it out in 2, just works harder. Without the side guiders, the ass end wants to wander quite a bit in windy loadings and another person or 2 is needed to hold it where it needs to be. With the side guides, I routinely load and unload alone. Transome tie down hooks would be nice since its advertised as a trailerable boat, but I strap the transom down with a 25,000# 3" strap and ratchet that goes over the transom. Another ratchet and strap from the bow eye down to the trailer holds her in place. Good luck, they are great boats.
              Great Lakes
              2000 25


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                I trailered mine 13 hours up to NY. and launch and haul her each season from a trailer. She is a dream, trailer guides are a must, 3 axle trailer is the way to go, and definately do it with 2 or more people. My boat is aprox. 10,000lbs w/ the trailer so you need a rated vehicle to tow. I tow mine with a Duramax Diesel Chevy Pickup, it was begging for more all the way from NC, even thru the Bronx!

                When I do the bottom everyother year, I have my yard block it for me so I can get under it. They do it by slipping the forward travel lift strap between the forward bunks and the aft, lift up the bow as high as poss. put 2 carpeted blocks under p/s chines as far aft as poss. then they let the bow down, which in turn lifts the stern off the aft bunks so they now can slip the aft strap between the bunks and bottom. I would not lift form the bow or stern eyes.