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    Hey everyone, I currently own a 26' regulator c/c and looking to jump up to either a 28' cc or 28' henriques. Can you tell me why I should consider the cc over the henriques. What engines do you all prefer,never had diesels always had o/b not very familiar with them. How is the ride in a head sea, drifting, anchoring etc. Any info you give would be greatly appreciated.
    thank you

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    My CC28 is the first diesel powered boat I've owned, but the learning curve wasn't difficult. Basic engine upkeep apply to both gassers and diesels; from a maintenance standpoint, they aren't all that different. I run Vovlo KAMD300's in mine, and have replaced 1 alternator under warranty. Other than that, they have performed flawlessly. The new common rail diesels available now offer many advantages in fuel efficiency and lower noise levels. But, I would like to see these engines in service for a couple of years before I jump on the common-rail bandwagon. The Volvos I run burn 'prox 22-24 GPH at a 3500 RPM cruise at 31-32 knots.
    As far as how it handles, it eats up a head sea and rides like a dream with the 24 degree deadrise. It does have a tendency to roll at drift, and I found it unnerving at times. But once I became accustomed to the peculiarity, I don't worry about it.
    It is a heaver boat than the Henriques; I'd put both on about the same level in regards to fit and finish.
    What sold me on the boat was the support at the factory. Mac and his boys answered every question I had, and made the whole buying experience a pleasure.
    I think you have narrowed it down to two great boats.....IMO the CC edges out the Henriques in most categories. But, then I am slightly biased.......


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      Thank you very much, you sure gave me alot of info and I appreciate it.
      I thought with all that weight (13,000lbs)that it may not roll that much, this was my biggest concern.However My regulator also has a 24 degree deadrise , it can't be worse then that .The only thing left for me to do would be to sea-test both for myself.

      Thanks again, TIM


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        Good luck with sea test. Both are nice rides. I consided both too and got the CC.

        Nick 2003 CC28 KAMD300


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          Sunshineva, What year do you have and how do you like it ?

          thanks tim


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            Not to sound bias but get the Classic.

            I looked hard at both boats about 3 yrs ago. I almost bought a Henriques 28 untill I looked hard at the bottom. If you compair the two, you will see what I mean. The Henriques is about 15 deg at the transome and not much better on the entry. It wil be very stable on the drift but you will be 3" shorter when you get there. I talked to a owner in Long Island who had one and said it was OK up to 3' then you had to back down under 20kts to survive.

            The two things that are better is that it does not rock much and the engine access is the best you will find in that size boat. Also you can fit almost any electronics in the helm that you would want.

            If you compair apples to apples you will get more bang for the buck with the classic.

            If you have any specific ?, give me a hollar. I know both boats very well.
            Life is to short for an ugly boat

            2015 Enclosed Helm 35


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              I run a 28 CC and a good friend of mine runs a 28 hens which I have fished on many times.

              The advantages of the Henriques IMO are as follows:

              More spacious and better guest seating than the pre-05 CC28 ( the new helm deck layout is super on the 28 CC)

              Better fuel economy (approx 10% more efficient)

              Larger area to flush mount electronics.

              Slightly larger cabin In length and height.

              Fiberglass fuel cells.

              The advantages of the CC IMO are as follows:


              Larger cockpit, better fish storage

              Faster, especially the newer boats

              Superior hull construction (Hands down the toughest around)

              Better tackle storage

              Superior tower construction and design.

              Good luck with your choice and if there is anything else I can help you with do not hesistate to ask.

              Also, if you are in the market for a used CC in the not to distant future let me know as I am thinking about a 32

              "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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                Hey Chris

                I'll bet I can speed up the process a little when you go on a fishing trip with me.

                By the way, is your friends name Joe. I think the boat name is Bachelor?
                Life is to short for an ugly boat

                2015 Enclosed Helm 35


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                  Yes, He keeps his boat 2 slips away from me and I have been fishing with him for the past 4 years. Nice boat, just not for me.

                  When are you running again? Let me know.

                  "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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                    Hey guys thanks so much. Never realized how tough of a decision it would be. I appreciate eveyones input, don't be surprised if you all receive an email from me with more questions? Plan on heading to a/c boat show next week so we'll see.. By the way I'm docked in canyon club in Cape May anyone else nearby?


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                      I am on the Indian River not too far from you, I have a 28CC got it momorial weekend love the thing. I also looked at the Hen. but decided on the CC. If you want to run over some time and take a ride let me know.
                      Send me am email if you want anymore information
                      Thanks Jerry


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                        general conversation

                        my 28cc is for sale moving up to 32cc if you have any interest contact me at 609 266 4201.


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                          Hello all,

                          I am in th emarket for a CC28, use or new... deisel power...

                          I am concerned about the snap roll, however a freind of mine has a Glacier Bay and it was mentioned that they snaproll, but i didnt notice it... how is the 28 CC raising fish...


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                            28cc yanmars sale

                            Ilove the boat in my opinion the baot needs 300hp.good luck any interest in a used 500hrs give me a call 610-283-3345 or if I can help anymore.