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  • replacements/replacements

    I'm starting to plan the fall todo list.

    I have to replace the helm seat - any other suggestions than another pompannette chair?

    Battery charger makes noise an appears to put out 12V, no lights on the charger -at after 8 years its time....any suggestions on an uprade?

    Head pump - it still works, but its 8 years old - this is something I'd like to replace before I have to! Any suggestions here?

    Cockpit bolsters - mine are cut and stained - has anyone removed them and fished the boat without them?

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    cockpit bolsters

    i rebuilt the bolsters on a 25 grady sailfish . it was a little work but they came out like new.


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      Cockpit Bolsters

      I pulled the bolsters off my 28 to install Roll Control scuba tank racks. They are stored away in plastic in case I sell the boat someday.

      I found some mini bolsters to cover the rack tracks when I'm not diving- but I'm always diving...

      Big T

      2002 CC 28


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        Helm Chair

        I'm tuned into Larry's question about the helm chair. I would like to switch to something more comfortable - at least with padded arm wrests.

        Anyone made a switch here?
        Steve on Reel Screamer
        2004 Carolina Classic 28


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          padded arms and...

          a setup which doesn't always get caught in the wheel when I check my oil!!!!

          I also want a footrest which is adjustable for short people like me!


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            OK - I'll add another

            Anyone come up with a good way to keep items stored under your v birth from sliding out during a trip????? I'm thinking of a net or a raised lip or something - but they all mean making more holes in my boat. Argh.

            Oh ya, ran a fun tuna trip Sat for 10 yellowfin. 153 gallons burned and guess what this came to back at the fuel dock............................(that was a drumroll by the way) $518.00 ------------ Oh man.

            and yes, we had lots of blood in the bilge. I don't see how it gets there. Must be the fish box lips?????
            Steve on Reel Screamer
            2004 Carolina Classic 28


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              helm chair

              I hear you about the helm chair and hitting the wheel during oil checks. I have to take mine off. I'm also looking for a more comfortable chair for the 25'. I'm 6' and still need to be seated higher than I can get now. Dave
              2001 25\'CC
              KAMD-43P Volvo deisel


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                helm chair

                blue water chairs has a nice chair padded foot rests and all that hes familiar with the 25 cc application you should give him a call