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Towing a 25CC

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  • Towing a 25CC

    Shopping for my next boat and the CC25 is one of the top contenders. I have an 03' 2500 Suburban with a 9600 pound towing capacity. Is the CC25 just too much of a beast to tow from VA to the Keys or Outer Banks on occasion?? Anyone know what the real world towing weight of the CC25 and trailer is?? What exactly does the 8500 advertised weight represent???

    Thanks Guys!

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    I just picked up my trailer about a month ago and took the whole rig up to a truck stop with CAT scales. I disconnected the trailer from the truck to get the weight. The boat and trailer (galvanized/tandem/8" frame) was 10,780 lbs. This was with both fuel tanks on the boat reading 1/4, empty water tank, and probably 200 lbs of fishing gear. I've been meaning to weigh just the trailer to be able to subtract it off that other number and get the real weight of the boat. FWIW, I tow with an '05 F350 diesel getting around 10.5 mpg towing the boat.
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      Thanks for the response Mike. That's just the info I needed. I found another forum where someones' boat/trailer rig fully loaded with fuel was about 11,300. Looks like I need a bigger truck! Wish those knuckleheads at GM would put the Duramax in the Suburban!


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        Towing CC25

        I plan on borrowing a friend's Excursion (Diesel power) to tow my CC25 home for the Winder months. On the Ford website, the tow rating for this vehicle is 11,000 pounds. I plan on towing the boat from Morehead City, NC to Wilson, NC. Does anyone think I'll have a problem with this?


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          I tow mine with an 04 Dodge 2500 diesel. I believe it is rated for 16,500 lbs towing. I purchased the boat in Connecticut and towed it down to Va with no problems.


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            towing 25

            Short trips use my Dodge 2500 (gas). Have about 100K miles, so I do have difficulty up bridges and accelerating onto highways.
            Have used neighbors newer Excursion and it works fine.



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              Buddy one thing to remember is The muscle power needed to launch and retrieve a boat increase as the weight, length, and width (or beam) of the boat increases. Trailer boaters are a very friendly community, and many would be happy to help if you find yourself in need of assistance at the launch ramp. You might underestimate the towing capabilities that you need in order to safely and securely transport your boat.


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                I’ve had multiple cc25’s. Short trips a 1500 series will do ok. 2500 is easy peazy. When I got my first Ram 1500, I was underwhelmed by its ability to pull the cc25 out at the ramp. Then I realized the parking break was still on. Oops!
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                  My bet is that the OP has figured it out, this was from 2005, although the added info is always great.


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                    From 2003 to 2008 we towed the CC25 on its 3 axle aluminium trailer with a GMC 1500 4X Suburban 5.7L. Towing in MD, VA and NC coastal plain with no troubles. Biggest challenge was the CBBT, but even with these inclines 55MPH was well within reason. 4WD managed the ramps coming and going. Hint use 4WD for backing down too. I never felt under vehicles except when trying to get tag # on a road rage semi. couldn't keep up. Mileage 9-10 on flat coastal plain. Rating if I recall was 7500#.

                    Upgrade to Chevy 2500HD Duramax. REsult was more comfort and greater ease in driving and handling. Mileage went to 12-14 MPG depending on weather and fuel.
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