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  • Hull running angle

    Just wondering if there is a reccomended running angle for the CC's at cruise. I know Bertram reccomends 5 degrees. I find that my 32' seems to run best at 10 degrees plus. If I trim down from there, she tends to get tippy in even a minor beam sea. It would be great to hear from owners of the 28, 32 and 35's with your experiences.


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    I like to run with no tabs. It seems to sit better and easier to control. The only time I use the tabs is in a head sea and to push the bow down when running between 16-18 kts in a channel. The 32 really runs bow high at that speed. I don't care if you are 7'6, you can't see over the bow. I wonder if the 35 runs this way.

    You are right, if you tab down at cruise it starts to get a little squirly.
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      Thanks for the reply. It would be good to hear from 28 and 35 owners on this subject.



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        28 opinion

        "She wants to lay on her side" - that's what a friend of mine says when i run a 28 w/ tabs down in a quartering sea. I believe that's the same as squirrelly?

        I find tabbing the bow way down in a head sea a key to keeping the boat slicing at 22-23 knots. I've given up with cross tabbing, one up, one down in a beam sea; I just suck it up and try and run as long as possible in the trough and steer from wave to wave.

        Following seas -definitely no tabs.


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          hull running angle

          the 35 runs bow high also


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            I have a 28 with 315 yanmars i only use my trim tabs with a beam sea or a hard cross wind in a head sea tabs up you dont want to become a sub
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              bow high 35

              can a 6 foot tall person see over the bow of the 35 under normal running conditions? I read on THT that a shorter guy could not see from the helm. does this make it difficult to operate?


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                Running Angle

                5'9" owner of a 35 CC. No problem seeing over the bow with the seat extention. Before it was difficult then the bow rose due to the seas. Now not problem. And I try to run with very little tab. Boat rises a bit more , but definatly runs sweeter.


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                  I can relate to that tendancy to heel over and run on the side. It seems to happen to me only when the seas are on my aft quarter; and it was downright scary the first time it happened. I've run with no tabs and it still has happened, but I have learned to recognize when it starts and how to remedy it before it becomes a problem.
                  The running angle on mine is pretty steep.....I would say 10-12 degrees w/o tabs. I will run with tabs 1/4-1/3 down to pull the bow down so I can easily see while seated at the helm; they'll go down more depending on the seas. If I am in the tower, I will not use any tab if the ocean is flat.