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Maiden Fish Trip

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  • Maiden Fish Trip

    Went sharkin at the fingers this past weekend. Water was 53.5 deg. A little to cold for Mr. Mako but it was better than sitting home. The only thing we caught was a few dog fish.

    The boat ran great with the exception of a low coolant level alarm. Checked the level and all was fine but could not get the alarm to stop so we just pulled the buzzers out so we could get some peace and continued on. The alarm came up on the display a few more times during the trip but their was no problem. Had the cummins guy check it out and said it is common on new engines because of a slime buildup on the sensor. He removed it and cleaned it and all should be OK. Will find out this weekend.

    First time I used the autopilot and now I can't live without one even after one trip. It held course within .007 NM which is about 40-50 ft. I have heard that people complain about wandering but mine went straight as a arrow. Now I can pay attention to more important things.

    Still have some issues setting up the simrad system but hopefully I will get them worked out shortly. Simrad customer service is fantastic with helping me out. I just need to be on the boat when I talk to them which is hard to do during the week.

    Now we just need some warmer water for the 400 lb Mako that I will catch this year.
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