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  • Any opinions appreciated

    Hey all, I am about to purchase a 2002 CC 28 equipped with 230 HP Volvo diesel inboards. She appears to be in great condition and apparently well maintained. I am moving from a 28 center console, getting to the age were I need some creature comforts. I realize hp ratings on diesels are not comparable to those on 4 stroke outboards and I see what the book tells me I can expect performance wise. Looking for real world numbers here, will I be able to cruise at 26Kts and run 30 when I need? I fish offshore and make runs of 65 miles on most trips, is fuel going to be an issue? Is there anything else I should know about this boat any issues or common problems. Any comments appreciated. Thanks Jerry

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    Not likely

    I had that setup before repowering. Fully loaded you'll get 23+ knots at 3300 RPM, 24 at 3400 RPM and burn 18-20 GPH. You won't see 26 knots cruise unless you run the engines a lot higher than I was comfortable doing or its completely empty. She will do 30 knots WOT; but that's not usable speed.

    I'd typically burn 120-140 gallons of fuel on a long day trip - leave the dock at 5; steam 3 hours/65-70 miles; troll 8 hours and steam back 3 hourshome.


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      Was that the one from Florida? Jusrt curious, I put in an offer on a 2002 several months ago to no avail.


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        Nope - I still own it

        I repowered w/ D4's this winter. How many hours on the 42's?

        I'd ask about the turbo gaskets as to whether they have been upgraded w./ the metal gaskets.

        I'd also do compression test and oil analysis as well as run the boat w/ a full tank of fuel and full water and make sure she can turn 3800+.


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          Thanks Backman,
          That is kind of what I figured she would do fully loaded but just wanted to hear it from someone who knew for sure. I just have to get use to the idea that I won't be able to cruise at 35 and run 45 when I want. I guess the trade off for comfort and room over my center console is the price. There are just over 300 hours on the engines. As I understand it, for these motors they are just broke in? Thanks for the tip on the oil analysis and gaskets. My original intent was to have a survey completed small price to pay for an investment of this size I guess. However I have been able to speak with the original owner who is trading up to a 35 and the selling dealer is giving me a 90 day waranty from stem to stearn. After the sea trail today I will make the offer and determine if I will have a survey. She is fully loaded so I will find out if she will make 3800.
          No this boat is not in Florida she is on the Chesapeake Bay. Guest, what kind of offer did you make now I am curious?


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            300 hours is perfect

            forget the compression test - oil analysis and a WOT of 3800+ and you should be good to go.

            The 42 needed a valve adjustment at 200 hr's - check that was done; if not it should be done when you buy the boat.

            Even if you don't do a survey make the seller pull the boat and visually inspect the running gear yourself.


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              Backman, thanks again, I am trying to get up to speed as quick as I can on these boats. It is apparent you have some knowledge about these boats. Just curious about $ on these guys and your opinion I will send you a PM thanks again


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                Hey guys,
                Bought the boat, absolutly love it. Brought it home yesterday 160 miles up Chesapeake Bay throught the C&D Canal and all the way down the Delaware Bay, then 13 miles of Atlantic to Indial River Delaware. Ran like a champ no problems. Thanks all.