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    The list is slowly getting smaller. The electronics are just about finished. Just a few more settings and should be done.

    One of the displays had to be replaced because it would not acquire satalite info. Installed the new one over the weekend and works great. What I found out is that now I need a software update in the other display so I can use the new MAX chip. Once I get that done I can start loading all my waypoint info.

    Mounted the EPIRB also on the side of the tower.

    This weekend I will try to get the freezer boxes working. I think the schrader valves (spelling) just need replacing. At least I hope that is the problem and not a leak in the copper run somewhere.

    Outriggers need rigging and start loading up all the gear. The one thing I am having a problem with is how to hang the rods in the cabin because of the headliner. Just have to talk to mac on that one.

    Mac is having some bars made up for me so I can put webbing between 2 of them to store the life jackets. I will put 2 of these under the hard top. One port and one starboard all the way to the outside. This should hold about 10 jackets and I hope the life ring. I will post a pic when I get them installed.
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