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Cracks in tower...any suggestions? (Other than slow down!)

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  • Cracks in tower...any suggestions? (Other than slow down!)

    I just registered as a new user and posted a brief paragraph in the Intoduce Yourself section. great site guys. I purchased a used 28 with a tower and i noticed where it had been rewelded in several places. Figured the previous owner must have been fairly abusive. Well after one trip home from the Stream in 6'-10' quartering seas, I'm rewelding the tower. Stress points are around the diagonal braces on the front legs of the tower, going down by the windshield. Looks like having the riggers out in rough seas can also put alot of stress in this area. On the new 28s, these diagonal braces are located more towards the center of the front leg and make a large "K" directly accross the windshield. I would hate to sacrifice my visabilty, but is there any other ideas? Looks like tubing diameter increased recently also, 1-1/2" to 2". I can manually shake the tower from left to right several inches. Sounds like this may be the only kind of bracing to tighen up this condition.

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    I would go right to the top on this one and call Mac directly. Explain exactly what the problem is and most likely he will give you the answer over the phone.
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      I'll take pic's this weekend

      but I had/have the same issue. We have a good metal shop up here who make's towers for the local Cabo boats.

      He looked at the tower and was convinced the problem was due to lack of fore and aft bracing between the front and rear tower legs to take the pounding strain in a head sea.

      he wanted to add a fore and aft brace and couldn't find an easy way to do it. In stead he added a 3rd parallal brace to the forward legs to distribute the strain more. Of course since then I make more cracks. I'll take pic's this weekend to illustrate.

      I hate to say it the answer may be to slow down.

      I am well known that once I get into Vineyard Sound, 15 miles from home, short steep chop to just say f-it and head for the barn at 25 knots. That certainly puts a ton of stress on those forward legs as the boat slams into one short sea after another.