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  • Range?

    i have yet to run my 2002 28 cc for a long distance ..what kind of canyon range shoukld i expect with the 250 cummins and the "220" gallon tank??? Anyone who has similar motors in the northeast could tell me how far they have gone.....Ran the boat a few times allready close to home in differnt conditions and i love it thanks for the help

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    oops forgot to log in

    im the one who just asked the question


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      I have a 28 w/250's , tower, genny... My typical canyon run (day trip) Has me running from my dock 90nm, trolling 6-8 hrs and return trip 90nm. My fuel burn is anywhere between 150-165 gallons. My overnight trips I burn between 175-190 gallons. The boat has the range but will become marginal if you run into foul weather. Some people posting here carry a small bladder for additional capacity.

      I have managed to burn 202 gallons from the tank without running out of fuel.

      "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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        Beat me - my record is 198

        BTW - the tank says "208 gallons" on it so don't go estimating based on 220!

        Mac has said that you can get 220 in it!

        I agree w. Chris - the boat has the range; but you have to be cognizant of your burn per hour and be prepared to alter plans when conditions get bad. I carry a 33 gallon Nauta bladder as my safety margin.

        Your going to burn 18-20 GPH regardless of whether your going 18 or 25 knots and the 1 nmile/gallon burn in rough seas wipes out canyon range in a hurry.

        This summer I got caught near Veaches with a northeast 20 blow up above me; 94 nmiles from the dock, making 18 knots; floscan's saying I had less than 120 gallons and was burning ~18 GPH. I didn't like the math I did in my head; pissed off one of my crew, but throttled back to 6 knots and trolled homewards for 3 hours to get the fuel equation more in my favor and also let the blow die out. Caught a decent yellowfin and a bunch of rat bluefin along the way so it wasn't all bad!

        That is always an option if fuel is low. Takes a while, but 2 nmiles+/gallon at troll can save your butt if you get low on fuel.


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          Are you planning to hold on to your bladder now that you've got some speed and economy? If you are looking to dump it let me know as I would not mind having some extra fuel on board.


          "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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            I'm keeping it!

            even if my economy improves I will use to to be able to get to Hydro.

            I'm also going to carry it for at least a couple trips and make sure I really do have the range.

            Carlton put a Reverso Oil drain system under my starboard fishbox for oil changes. It has 3 valves of which only 2 are being used. I'm serioulsy considering disconnecting and removing that fishbox for the ride out and putting the bladder down in the empty space.

            I can then use the Reverso pump system as a transfer pump to move the fuel from the bladder to the tank. That removes 2 weak points in thre system by getting the bladder and weight down low to keep the center of gravity down and removes the need for an external pump with a 2 wire plug connection.

            I should be able to secure it on the outboard side by roping it trhought the exhaust partition cutouts and will drill a couple padeyes into the underside of the deck to secure it on the inboard side. I'll put a piece of wood over the strut bolts to keep them from cutting the bladder and should have a much simpler system as a result.

            i'll probably get a couple ounces of oil into the fuel but 8 oz. of oil in 180 gallons isn't going to hurt anything.


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              Thanks for the info im only gonna do the tails and the dip for now dont want to push it in the first year...... might use u guys for a few more questions thank a lot


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                oops forgot to log in again......