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heat option on cc 25?

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  • heat option on cc 25?

    i was wondering if anyone has a cc 25 with the ducted heat option? looking for some input on the heating system set-up. where are the ducts located? in the cabin? also at the helm? does it work well or is it an option that is pretty non-functional? thanks.

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    I doubt that you will find anyone with that option on a 25. With that said, I would put one in if I had a 25 or any other boat. It comes in handy in the fall. I use the regular heat on my 32 and keep all the curtains down and it stays toasty. The ducted heat would work better and you won't have to run the genny.

    I always laugh at all the center console guys all bundled up freezing and I am in a T-shirt.
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      On my 28 I put in two Heatercraft 40,000 btu units one ducted and one nonducted, both under the companionway/refir. It's wicked hot!
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        thats what im thinking, ducted heat in the helm, with the enclosure all zipped up the back, on a cold december morning = priceless!!!


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          heat option

          I had the heat on my 25. It DOES work. There are ducts on the aft bulkhead of the cabin and also on each side of the cockpit by the storage box area. Good option to have. It blows out hot air pretty good.
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            Ducted Heat

            We have added ducted heat to two CC25s this winter. The customers spend a lot of time striper fishing in the winter and enjoy the frost-free zone!!!

            Two vents on the side of the helm wings near your feet and two in the cabin on the bulkhead. A bit of a challenge to install on a 25 after-the-fact but doable.

            Let me know if you want anymore info . . .



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              I bought a heatercraft 28000btu unit and am working on install now. I'm curious on where the factory put the heating unit and where others that have done self install put their's.

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                I was one of the 25's that Tswann took care of this winter. I've been very happy with the heating system as well as the work that they have done. Having gone over the install wouldn't call it a simple task.


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                  Wakedodger, what unit did you get?

                  Whats a fair price (or hour estimate) for the install for a ducted system plumbed into the FWC side of the engine.
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                    I got mine through Va Beach Boats, don't know manufacturer of the unit. I'd budget 1,300 to 1600 total. My power is 8.1 Crusader with all kinds of fresh water cooling. Heat exchanger had to come off which could of been bit of a project. Perhaps on diff power plants could be an easier project? I'm sure Scott at VBB would be happy to talk to you even though your up north and answer any questions.


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                      Not a fun job but worth it

                      I had heat added to my personal 25 CC 8.1Volvo gas 4 years ago and man was it worth it. We recently completed a 25 Crusader that was mentioned above The unit is mounted against the firewall behind the head (hence the fun) the head has to come out completely then the hoses run to the heat exchanger and back to the unit its also fun to to get access to the vents that we mount at the helm by your feet. Then mount the control switch its was a two day project with two guys but the heat is the deal. Should cost around 1300-1600 including parts and labor we get the kits from CC.
                      If you wanna go at it yourself we can sell you the kit and tell you how to do it. Just make sure you have access to a little guy for some of the reaching.

                      Scott Virginia Beach Boats
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                        CC 25 heater

                        The orginal owner of my 2000 CC 25 had installed a 28,000 BTU Heatercraft and ran two 3" ducts from the heater. One blows air at the captains chair from the starboard side and the other blows into the bow area from the port side of the swing out toilet compartment. Had to replace the heater this winter, bought a heatercraft from J C Whitney for $200. The one I bought came with 2" ducts instead of 3" but otherwise the same heater. Had to remove the the toilet to do the work but it can be done. The heater mounts on the wall between your toilet and the engine. Have to allow room for the toilet to swing in when you close the compartment. There is pleanty of room for the water hoses and wireing on the starboard side. You would have to buy some extra duct and the through the wall fittings. By the time you finish you will probably with you had paid 13 to $1600 mentioned above. Be glad to let you look at my job sometime. Mine hooks to a 7.4 gas engine which uses raw water.
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                          Thanks. Maybe I'll have a chat with the guys at South Shore in Huron, OH next time I'm down there about it. Just was looking for a ballpark figure. I'm kinda short & wide, this sounds like a job for the young & skinny.
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                            It sounds like the toilet compartment is the consensus location. I'm glad to hear that because that's where I was planning on installing mine.

                            I'm currently working on building a sheet metal duct to fit around the intake side of my heatercraft so I can draw fresh air in from the external vents. Has anyone else done this? If no, have you experienced any funkiness in the heated air? The reason I ask is before I replaced my waste system I would describe the odor in that compartment as funky and I'm guessing it will get that way again.
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