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35 Carolina Classic back on the market

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  • 35 Carolina Classic back on the market

    I was just checking some things out on eBay when I noticed that the 2006 35 Carolina Classic is back on the market with the starting bid of $120,000.00. Isn't funny that with all the questions from perspective buyers, the seller had no answers. I think that auction closed at just about $190,000.00.
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    I was watching that too....all the lister would say about it was that the sale was conditional on a good survey.
    Something tells me it didn't survey well.
    I sent the guy a message asking why he didn't come clean and just fess up that the boat was a salvage. All he said was he didn't have time to talk to me if I wasn't going to bid on it.


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      I would'nt pay 120 for that boat. As was said before, bad mojo.
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        not that I am interested

        and ignoring the mojo factor - what is a 400K salvage boat worth? the hull, tower, enclosure, and other non deatructables. has a value that has to be at least 1/4 the boats value?


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          why did boat sink?
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            Under the current boat buying market

            Under the current market conditions, that boat is not selling for 400k new. Hull may have some value, but it can only be measured by what someone is willing to pay for it and that is something less than $189,000.


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              The engines are going to be the real issue. I talked to the first salvage dealer and discovered.

              "He was trying to say engines were new with full warranty (never had initial registeration/setup), but a potential buyer got mad. This guy called cummins with the engine numbers and details. Cummins recorded the engines as salvaged" No warranty.
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                Originally posted by stanley111 View Post
                why did boat sink?
                This is the 35 that sank on the way to the Miami boat show in 2006, claiming 2 lives. Apparently one of the dripless shaft seals failed.

                Also of note is the seller's comments about the oil samples showing evidence of water in the engines.
                At least he is coming clean now....he will never sell this boat for the reserve. He may as well keep it.


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                  For what it's worth:

                  About a yr ago I inquired about this boat. Spoke with both Carolina Classic and Cummins.

                  Both have completely washed their hands on this boat and will have nothing to do with any type of warranty on any piece of it..

                  It will be a tough one to sell.
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                    Now he has it on Boat Trader.

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