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  • Opinions on the Carolina Classic 25

    I am not a Carolina Classic owner. However I am looking to make a change from my 29 Topaz. I love the look of the 25 Carolina Classic. I would be interested in a diesel, and with fuel costs, the single diesel looks like the way to go for my needs. If I wanted twin diesel, I would just stay with my Topaz. I fish out of manasquan NJ and do about 3-4 canyon runs a year, the rest of the time I am fishing either along the beach, or out to 40 miles. I know the carolina'a are great boats, with a great rep. My only concern is the 25 seems small as far as room. There are no in deck fish boxes, so going to the canyon with 2 other guys, coolers, ice, tackle seems very cramped. Any thoughts???? Thanks.

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    As far as going to the far is the run from the closest inlet? I ask this because the 25 is a single diesel and if it were ever to conk out (not that it would) it is a looooong tow home. I just feel that from a safety perspective, 2 engines are more prudent. Don't get me wrong...there are many shrimpers, draggers and trawlers heading out daily with one engine, but those are much larger and turn at much slower RPM's.

    I have just moved up to the 28. I loved the 25, it is a great boat, heads above the rest, but it does have limitations. Fuel is NOT one of them, as it sips it. But it is a heavy boat, about 8,000 pounds and when you throw in 3 -4 guys, perhaps a full live well, ice, coolers, gear, etc...well you get the picture.

    If you are considering the 25 for shorter-distance runs (not the 60-80 mile canyon shots) sharking, for instance, get it. Space was really not an issue for me. The cockpit and deck areas are surprisig large because the engine is below the helm deck.

    There are no better people than Mac and Kieth when it comes to boat builders.
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      Have you ever been on a 25? I ask because it is actually one of the biggest 25 foot boats made. The cockpit area is huge and I don't think you would have a space issue. With diesel power the boat has incredible range. There will be some offshore users along, check back. You might want to also click on the "user gallery", upper right corner of this page to see some of the member's 25's. The pictures off the fish catches from "f.stop" may alleviate your concerns. Good luck.
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        for the replies. The Atlantic city boat show is coming up, I will be taking a closer look at the 25.


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          Just so you know. Mac will be there from Friday noon till Sat noon. He is the owner of CC and the one you need to talk to for anything technical. I also believe that Keith will be there also.
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            i have talked over the phone with Mac before. Nice guy. I was very impressed he even talked to me, since I do not own a cc yet. He was helpful.. we spoke about range and fuel efficiency.


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              ice chest on 25 CC

              Bought a used 2000 CC 25 several years back and added an ice chest and tackel center in the copit area plus a swim platform on the stern. Ordered a large cooler from Frigid Rigid with SS mounting kit, this was expensive but it is high quality and saves a lot of fishing room. The top of my swim platform cooler is just about even with the boat rail. Think it measures 21 x 21 x 54".
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                Any time you want to take a ride in a 28' let me know - I'm just down a little way from you on the Glimmer Glass.
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                  david for the tips.

                  Capt. B. I have seen your boat many times and thanks for the offer. i do not do as much canyon fishing as I have past years. The Topaz does a good job, but with the price of fuel starting to get crazy, I may be looking to down size and I am thinking the 25 with the single diesel may fit my needs and get to me to the Hudson a few times a season. Thanks.


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                    Paul Ward owner of the Ward Wight agency had a 25 that he ran to the canyons quite a bit - you might want to give him a call with any questions. I know that he sold it a few years ago - but I'm sure he could tell you anything you wanted to know about a 25.
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                    Now a 2014 28' Regulator
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                      Thanks Capt. B

                      My mechanic, worked on Ward's boat. He kept it running in good shape for him. He said it was a solid little boat. I am going to take a good look at it down at the AC show. I am just starting to put some ideas together. i doubt i will make a move this year because i still have the Topaz. but you never know when a good deal will come along so I am starting to get the ducks in a row. See you in a few months!!!!


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                        25 cc offshore

                        last year i made 7 overnight canyon trips w. 3 guys. 150 km round trip. fish storage i carrie a canyon bag and icytek 125qt. cooler which holds much of my ice...i keep my food and drinks in cc cooler behide starboard helm seat.

                        safety: eprib, viking 4 man life raft, ditch bage, 4 life perservers, sea anchor, regular anch w. 600' of line.

                        mech. spare bets, extra hose set for motor, clamps, tool box, filters, 4 extra fuel, fliter + 1 gallon of diesel and gallon of extra oil and 50/50 coolent....and a sea tow membership! I change oil every 80 hrs. and pull an oil sample prior to every oil change. i log 200-250 hrs. on her every year.

                        love the boat i've fished and came home in some nasty weather, great little pocket rocket!
                        as being a second owner of a cc i will tell you that mac and his son keith provide the best customer service in the business.i will be at the a.c. boat show at the sea tow booth everyday come by if your around.