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Thank you Backman & Laytons

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  • Thank you Backman & Laytons

    Backman I have been wanting to thank you for your blog regarding your decision to update your motors a few year back. I read it 50 times, looked at all the photo's and made a decision to call the Laytons. Everything you had wrong with your vessel, was exactly the same as my 28. Reading your blog made it easy for me. The Laytons performed an awesome job, I had everything installed you did, along with a new helm which now can handle up to a 12" display and a new steering system. I also purchased a Volvo Penta Color Monitor, which I noticed at the Miami boat show. It is a color display approx 8 1/2 x 11 and is so much easier to navigate between all of the electronic information. It shows almost everything on the one screen. I highly recommend this display....everyone should have one. It even has a GPS incorporated in it. Last time I looked it wasn't even on Volvo website. Dang I just cringe looking at the displays that come with the motors.
    It was a long trip up from Florida to N.C. and a short quick one home. My D4-260's are performing extremely well and the boat performance may even be a little better than yours!
    Thank you very much!
    Now as for Laytons Custom Boatworks...I have never met such a nice family. I felt extremely comfortable from the moment I made the first call...and still feel the same way. They did every thing they said they would and more. All the charges for extras were very reasonable. Any of you guys wanting work done on you boat - these are the guys to go to. Friends for life!
    W.B. Griffin