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Best CC25 trim angles?

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  • Best CC25 trim angles?

    Is there a consistent trim tab angle for the CC25 that gives the best ride? I rode around for a couple of hours over the holidays experimenting with different angles and never really found one that "felt" right. Bow up gave the best speed but rides pretty high up in the nose. Trimming the bow down gives a better view but speed drops some.

    Any opinions?


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    Since I do not have a gauge, I just do it by feel.
    With mine first I lower the outdrive (bravo3) all the way down.. then up about 3 seconds.

    always put the tabs full down to get up on plane

    I've learned to run the tabs full down at very low speeds; helps track straighter.

    Generally I use to adjust bow angle, to adjust for weight as people and fuel move.
    I do think would be better with larger size (factory) tabs.. just my humble opinion.



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      Best Trim Angles

      I find that I don't really need the tabs to get up on plane if I don't have folks on board but it's slow so I do use them if I have 4 on board and a load of Ice or running slow and want to stay on plane. I also use them to trim the lean on the boat. I find them very sensitive to that at running speed.

      I usually raise the outdrive slightly to get the best speed (Bravo 3) I have 24" props on it and have a set of 22" props I'm going to try this year as I haven't been able to hit the mid point of mfg rpm recommended. I also have the 385hp Crusader which helps to get up on plane. I find I like to cruise at about 3200 rpm. I'll find the sweet spot this year as I've installed a fuel flow gauge.