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  • Winslow Life Rafts

    Another group buy opportunity for the board members in time for the Holidays . . . .

    We have set up with Winslow and sold a few to our customers and thought that others may have interest.

    I have attached a pdf of the most common/popular model thus far - Super-Light Canopied Costal. The one option I would recommend to all is the Insulated Double Floor. (Of course any model/option from the Winslow line is possible).

    As far as packaging dimensions, Winslow can pack the valise to fit in the helm seat storage area on the 32 and 35 (which we have had done for some of our customers) and other custom packing can be looked at. Deck mounts, hard cases etc are all available. All rafts are made to order - this is NOT a stock item for us that we order in large quantity and shelf.

    Let's see what kind of interest we have from the board members and based upon response we will see what we can do for final pricing.
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    Re:Life Rafts

    Cost is a factor and at ~$3K per raft, the price is a little steep. There are several other manufacturers with prices around $2K that don't charge extra for a valise pack.

    However, do appreciate you putting this info on the forum.

    \"There are those who have, and there are those who will!\"