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Paint flaking around winshield frame

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  • Paint flaking around winshield frame

    The paint is starting to flake off around my windshield anyone have any ideas how to stop it and what paint should I use to paint it in the spring?

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    I think this will

    be a continuous maintenance project for me. I had the same thing going on around the weep holes in my front window frames. I sanded the areas down, brush primed them with a rustoleum paint and then painted them carefully with a brush using a black metal paint I bought at Lowes. This was about 6 months ago and all looks good still. My brush strokes show if you look closely but it's not too bad. Wish I could spray them to avoid brush stroke lines but not worth the hassle of masking everything off just to touch up a few relatively small spots IMO.
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      I am surprised that would happen on your boat aswell. Your boat is only 3 years old.


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        Mine's a 2003 and I will probably have to start doing some touch up. Nothing actually flaking off now, but I have a few spots where the black looks like it is starting to bubble.
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          My 28 windshield also has flaking paint after three years.
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            have the same prob. on a 1998 cc 25 they all seem to due this. the albelmarles as well and white or black paint they alll bubble in the windshield hole....i think it's due to electrolist. if i did it all over i would not order a boat with windsheild wipers. i fixed mine by sanding down to bare aliumium cleaned it with alchaol then painted on self etching primer (auto stores have this this) then painted over it with mat black rustolum (mat does not show paint strokes as much) also use a fine small brush....i only did the sections that were bubbled up to the point of the paint flaking off. an auto body guy can tell you what to do best....if you give them a sample from the flaked off paint they can match it.



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              Reel Addiction

              I was suprized also. The first thing I noticed was bulging in the paint around the weep holes, then later on flaking there and also on the windshield wiper arms. I think water works its way under the paint around the weep holes.
              Steve on Reel Screamer
              2004 Carolina Classic 28


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                Wondering if the frame could be removed to be sand blasted and then repainted or power coated?


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                  I have the same problem on my 2003. The windsheil can come off but I woul recommend a professional do the work. The windsheild is comprised of three sections which are assembled at the factory. Once the powder coating gets a nick in it, it all starts to bubble. You can contact American Marine at 954-782-1400 and ask them for recommendations. I found they weren't too helpful but they can suggest what type of paint to use. If your lucky, them may even send you some free of charge.
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