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  • Discoloration

    I've attached a picture of the live well on my 1996-25. If you look close you'll see some discoloration in the gel-coat. I have some other spots around the cockpit and a large section on the port side of the hull. I noticed this about two years after I purchased the boat in 1996. I spoke to Mac about it in 1998 and he said to just to get some industrial auto compound and put my shoulder into it. Tried several times over the years NG but now I'm just accustomed to it. Anyone have a similar experience and how did you fix it. I've contemplated on painting the hull but the boss put the kabash to that.
    Tom T
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    If it's the deck that is tan. I would repaint it. Tape it off and paint it the new color that was used on the 98 and 99 model boats, I think it's a sea foam green. Sure looks better than the brown.
    "Addison Leigh"
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      3m super duty

      I use and have used on many boats in the past 3m compound. With my rotary buffer. You can do it by hand but it takes a lot of elbow grease. There is very few discolorizations I wasn't able to get out. I do my hull every year and it works wonders, Without seeing yours upclose I can't gaurnatee that it would work but It will help.

      3m superduty rubbing compound 05955. That part number is a gallon jug which is expensive, but they also sell it in smaller cheaper bottles.

      Hope this helps.



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        livewell discoloration

        I have used the 3M Heavy Duty Compound too. The only thing you need to be aware of is that it will start removing the gell coat. The 3M product is very gritty so be carefull when you use it. I applied it with a orbital buffer and removed it with the buffer as well. I sugguest that you purchase a small bottle. I don't think you will need more than that amount for your project. I think it may cost you about $20.00. Good luck.
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          Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'll give it another try in the spring. The discoloration is in the white area of the hull and cockpit. What type of paint did you use on the deck????
          Tom T