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Update on stolen boat and a few questions

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  • Update on stolen boat and a few questions

    From what we have found damaged so far:
    1- Both set of props are damaged, port looks like a tulip, stb hub gone.
    2- Port outdrive, something broken internally, no gears just free wheels.
    3- Port engine has a knock, stb engine frozen.

    Now we will see just what the insurance company will do. If the engines have to be replaced, I believe that I would prefer to have Mac at CC do the removal and install. Any thoughts on this?

    I know there was some discussion on the tower removal or adjustment for travel, but I can't fine the thread. Any help?

    I'll keep you posted on what Travelers Insurance Co plans on doing for the settlement. So far they have been very prompt with the calls and assigning an adjustor.
    "Addison Leigh"
    1995 Carolina Classic 28'
    Wrightsville Beach, NC

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    Contact me offline

    [email protected]

    cell 978-697-2808 if you want to discuss. Its not a huge effort if you go at it w. 3-4 people. The hardest part is securing the tower box to the windshield for transport.


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      If you need help you can call me as well. If you need to borrow a cradle for the tower console let me know - you can borrow one of ours that ship with the new boats . . . Wrightsville is not too far from us (240miles) if you need onsite help.


      Mac is an excellent choice for a repower - If he is not busy he will do it in house . . . . If he is he will send you to Layton's next door.



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        Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Hopefully the insurance company steps up. Speaking of which, I use Traveler's; please keep us posted as to how they handle the claim.