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  • Kamd300a

    Anyone have any experience / input on these moteors - I am looking at a 28CC equipped w/ them. Powerful enough? Maintenence?

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    I have these engines in my 28. I can't give you a long term report because I've only had the boat since August. However, power seems to fit the boat quite well. There are several users here who have expressed some reservations about the superchargers and the need to keep the belts properly adjusted. Hasn't been an issue for me.
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      I have the 300 kamd diesels. I've put 400 hours in 2 seasons and the previous owner 255 hours. I've had no mechanical issues with my engines so far. I've changed the belts oils filter etc. At 100 hours I change the oil,air,gas (secondary and primary) and 5 gallons oil cost roughly $250 materials. Belts $100.00 per engine. If you can fit in the engine room and your mechanically inclined you can do the work yourself.I think the power of these engines are perfect for the boat. The only thing I don't care for are the superchargers. They come on at 1500 rpms and off at 2500 rpms. So far they haven't been a problem for me. I can troll at 7.5 knots without them coming on and slow the boat down to 18 knots without them coming on. Unless you want to troll faster then 7.5 knots then I would recommend this engine package for the 28 cc.
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