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32 w/ 425s w/no tower/riggers vs. 35 540's tower

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  • 32 w/ 425s w/no tower/riggers vs. 35 540's tower

    I am caught between these two boats.

    I have to ship to San Diego and have been told that once a tower is removed it's tough to get it back on right? I'm not sure what that means.

    I do like to go out by myself but don't want to have to upgrade in a couple years. Is it possible to drive the 35 solo for day trips just to cruise around? I had a 28 and I am pretty decent at docking ...unless @ the fuel pump with the Coast Guard and Harbor Police and other spectators watching..then I sometimes choke..

    I do want to take the boat from San Diego to Puerto Vallarta which is quite a trip.

    A tower does come in pretty handy here on the west coast for spotting tailers, kelp, and mermaids.

    So what am I to do...good quality of problem...not saying I should buy either one but at 49 and more or less being able to afford it I don't want to give up another few years of not having what I want.
    work is something I do in between fishing trips