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Shipping a 35 cross country

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  • Shipping a 35 cross country

    I am looking at buying a 35 and would like to know how to remove the tower. I don't need detailed instructions per se it is just that a couple brokers that I spoke to said that I should cut the tower legs and then weld them together upon arrival. That doesn't sound like such a great idea to me.

    Can't I just have the tower removed (unbolted) ?


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    I did it on the 28

    I personally removed the 28 tower with the help of 2 others. The 28 was double bolted on 4 legs and aligned with a metal key. I would estimate the actual removal took less than 1 hr for the 3 of us. The 28 tower and buggy top weighed less than 100# - the 35 is obviously going to be heavier.

    WE probably spent 1 hour removing the tower control box from the rail supporting it and figuring out how to safely roll it forward onto the windshield.

    I recommend you call the factory and ask to buy the jig they use to hold the box in place for shipping.


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      The 32 & 35 towers do not come apart like the 28. Personally I would not cut the legs. I would pull all the cables back down the legs and unbolt the tower. I think it is close to 1000lbs so you will need some way to lift it.
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        Tower removal

        Split is correct the 32 and 35 towers are one piece and were not designed to come off the boat easily. You will have to unrig the tower - radar array off, electronics power and of course power for spreader and running lights, engine data or gauge wires and steering hoses. If the 35 you are looking at is failry new and has QSCs in her then the engine cabling is much easier to deal with (data cable). Once the tower is de-wired the rear leg access is not too bad and the forward leg access via the cabin is not a problem.

        They set the towers in place at the plant with an overhead rail crane and Split's estimate on wieght is probably a little healthy but not far off the mark.

        If the boat is near me (VA/NC) we can help directly, if not we can point you in the right direction. Drop me a note and I'll be happy to discuss the process with you.


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          thanks for the info guys.
          work is something I do in between fishing trips