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How many belts on a 7.4L Volvo?

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  • How many belts on a 7.4L Volvo?

    I was working on my 7.4L carb'ed boat this weekend aand decided to change the belts. I have two belts... one is going to the raw water pump that is driven from a small pulley on the crankshaft and one belt is going to the water pump and alternator that is driven from the large crank pulley.

    Are there only two belts? It looks like you could run a small belt from the crankshaft pulley to the water pump. Should there be a belt there as well?


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    Two. I replace every both every other year.
    By the way, a real bit*h to change when the engine is hot and there are 3-4 ft seas


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      Thanks, John.

      Anyone know if you can damage your engine by running it at low rpm (watching the temp gauge, of course) without the water pump/alternator belt? When I lost my belt the engine was still pumping water by virtue of the force of the raw water pump.


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        I have a somewhat unusal setup on the Merc. The belt that runs the raw water pump also runs the fuel pump. If (when) that belt breaks fuel flow stops and the engine will not run. No chance of overheating. that's the upside of design.
        On the down side; when the pump goes bad you can not replace parts. Got salt water intrusion thru the waterpump into the fuel pump. Ran like **** and took us a number of trys to fiqure out why. Had to buy whole new pump (like $500) when really all it needed was a set of seals.
        Not sure what years this design. Mine is 95 CC. jd