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February '06 CC35 Sinking

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  • February '06 CC35 Sinking

    Anyone aware of the outcome of this investigation? Seems the port side shaft packing gland of this brand new 35 failed causing a rush of water in through the shaft sinking the boat within minutes. Was there a final determination as to why the seals failed? Is this also what occurred with the CC28 off the Virginia coast a while back? I should have been more attune to this event, but, quite frankly, am just finding out about it a year and 8 months are the links to the news coverage.

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    I don't know anymore than is listed in the two articles you posted I remember seeing that the boat was listed on yachtworld for a long time and finally sold a few months back, or at least is no longer listed. That is an interesting post, makes me want to check all my safety gear and perhaps do some upgrading.


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      The coast guard as well as several third party surveyors concluded that the packing gland did not fail and that there was no mechanical or construction defect in the boat that contributed to its sinking. The coast guard released that information in a report/synopsis several months after the incident which is also available online. Of course after the legal dust settles thh rest of the picture will be painted . . .

      Cstallion - only two posts on the board thus far and both focusing on doom and gloom . . . How about throwing us a bone from time to time and posting something more in the positive vein . . .


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        Why such interest in the how, considering it is the only topic for which you have posted? Didn't you sell your 28, I saw it listed for sale for much of last year? Did you buy a bigger CC or switch brands? If you bought a different brand I would bet it isn't as seaworthy or better built than a Classic.
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          Any more news as to the cause? I could not find anything on the USCG site on this. I am curious as to why she went down....I always thought it may have been a shaft seal, but accordinging to an earlier post this was not the case.


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            All reports indicate the shaft seal

            All the initial reports indicated the port shaft seal failed. I don't think there were any other reports elaborating as to why the seal failed. I looked for USCG report Tswann referred to, but could not find it.