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    I am considering purchasing a used28 CC with 250 or 300 diesel engines.I want my move up from my current boat to give me better canyon capabilities. I fish out of Cape May and run to Toms/Baltimore and Hudson Canyons. I love the boat but the fuel capacity seems marginal.
    I am not one to carry 55 gallon drums or fuel bladders of fuel on deck.
    Can some of you 28CC owners give me a idea of range and solutions.Thanks

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    I have a 28 w/ 300 kamd diesels. I fish the lindy 72km, spencer 72km, wilmington 67km, baltimore 77km. No problem with range. Burn between 135-170 trolling all day. The 170gallons burned was my first trip to the Baltimore in rough seas. Normally I burn between 135-150 all day trolling.
    28 Carolina Classic 2003 (sold)
    18 Cobia 2001


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      I've got the Cummins 6bta 5.9 330hp and have run 70+ miles each way, troll all day, run the genny some, and burned 170 gallons on a day with 4-6 footers and 20kt+ winds.
      Jim B.
      FLY'N FISH 35 Classic
      Va. Beach


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        You should not have a problem with fuel. The 28 has a capicity of 209 gal.

        I have 6BTA 5.9 220HP. Can go 60 NM out and back with trolling all day and burn right @ 85 - 90 gal.
        28 Carolina Classic
        OCFC, MD.


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          I've got a question on the usable fuel capacity. I got my 2003 28, twin KAMD 300s, in August. I was told not to drop below 1/4 tank. That would leave a prudent reserve of about 50 gallons, but is there any reason besides safety for not running below 1/4 tank?
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          Bite Me
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          Davidsonville Md


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            When I ran out

            I put 204 gallons into the boat which would not start.

            FWIW - I started the boat at the dock that AM; had no issues idling out of the harbor ~1 mile then running 4 miles at cruise before coming of plane and shutting down for lack of fuel.

            I suspect I left the dock with < 10 gallons in the tank that AM.

            FWIW-part II - I have no issue; not have I ever been more than mildly concerned about coming home and putting 185 gallons in the tank after an offshore trip - I am perfectly comfortable the boat will run just fine w/ 20 gallons remaining.

            I regularly do day canyon trips - 90 out, troll all day, 90 nmiles back and burn 180 or so w/out carrying my bladder.


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              I have a 2002 28 CC, Volvo KAMD43s out drives, diesel fuel consumption on all day trips seems to average "double the run distance" and that will be fuel burn, add a little for gen.
              OC, Md out to Balt (62 nms) fish / troll, return, burns approx 120 gals.

              "Over Billin"


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                Thanks for the info.