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    On my last 2 overnighter my fuel burn was a little high. My last trip was to the Baltimore 77km each way, no trolling, 154 gallons burned. Last year on my trolling trips I was getting roughly 1.37 km per gallon. Do you think the extra weight makes me burn so much more. Both trips I had 5 people and between 500-700lbs of fish and 200lbs ice. I also noticed that my marina has had the ultra low sulfer diesel all summer,and this season I noticed a difference.Do you think the fuel can also make a difference. I'm running 300kamds diesels.
    28 Carolina Classic 2003 (sold)
    18 Cobia 2001

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    The weigth certainly makes a difference. When I have full fuel versus an almost empty tank, I see a 2-3 knot difference.

    Considering the time of year, marine growth on your props, shafts, etc. is probably contributing as well.
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      This is my first summer with my 28. Earlier in the summer I noticed a 1-2kt reduction in speed after not using the boat for two weeks. I went in the water to check my props (unpainted). To my surprise there were barnacles on it. They were small but there were quite a few. I spent 20 mins scraping them clean and immediatey gained my speed back. Since then I have cleaned them two more times after a 2 week sit and each time there were small barnacles. Your problem could be related to unseen hard growth. I also had small barnacles on my rudders, especially near the top where the shaft enters the hull.
      Jim B.
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        Must be because you didn't have the 3 skinny guys on the boat this time...


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          HI Perry,
          I also have a 2003 CC28 with the Volvo Kamd300. Very nice engines for this boat. I have been running 1.35 - 1.45 KM per gal offshore loaded. What speed are you running when your numbers dropped? I have not used low sulfur fuel yet!
          Nick 2003 CC28 KAMD300


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            I'm going to check my props and hull and post back.
            28 Carolina Classic 2003 (sold)
            18 Cobia 2001


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              Try Adding Cetane

              I like the skinny guy solution.Look at the fuel treatment thread . Try adding an additive that adds cetane.Just for information there is no fuel thats not low sulpur maybe some fuels that are not ultra low sulpur but by government mandates at least low sulpur.
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