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  • Anti fouling

    Where I live in a brackish bayou antifouling is not generally an issue. A little paint goes a long way.

    However, I am moving my 28 to the harbor and anti fouling is a real issue there.

    Any thoughts on what to use on the props & rudders?

    I have always covered the shafts and struts with regular antifouling, but always left the props and rudders without. Five or ten minutes of running and the slime buildup would be gone. Don't think that will work at the marina.



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    I haven't found a good solution here. I boat out of NJ and marine growth is an issue for me by the time Fall roles around every year. For the shafts, I tried Interlux spray paint for underwater metal a couple of years ago and it made a small difference that season but I still had some marine growth.

    Zincs on the shaft make a difference but only within 4 or 5 inches of the zinc.

    I think the best solution for me will be to haul the boat for a couple of hours next September and powerwash and clean the props, rudders, shafts and drop her back in for the remaning two months of my season.

    I have a marina that will use the travel lift to haul and hang the boat for me for a couple of hours for $150. Probably worth it.
    2002 28
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