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pulpit shakes .. windshield vibrates

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  • pulpit shakes .. windshield vibrates

    bought a new 32 in april 07 put 200 hrs on her over the summer parked her august 28 at dock in north carolina, came home to florida... today i called a buddy oct 3 and asked him to run her . he took her out called me an hour or so later and told me he couldnt get her to plane nor go over 20 knots also said pulpit was shaking along with the windshield and she had a bad vibration .. your opinions would be greatly appreciated ,tell what you think!!!! thanks in advance... chuckabear

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    shake rattle & roll

    Barnacles ...


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      Clean Your Bottom and running gear!

      10 days max here in this area! Plus water temps are still very warm for this time of year. Once we get into dead winter the growth will slow considerably.

      At 20knots she was on plane, but I bet your load factors were pegged!! The vibration comes from your props,etc. being way out of balance with the mass of marine life growing on them.

      As we discussed yesterday, with the 35 we run, if we don't fish every weekend (which is a whole different problem!) by about the 10th day of not running we get your symptoms and by about 2 weeks she won't come on plane at all . . .


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        All of the above.

        You will be amazed on how few barnacles it takes to mess it up.
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          Do you think your buddy accidentally hit something while underway? You might need to have the props checked for barnacles first and while your down there see if the props have any noticable damage......
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            I don't know about 10 days, but I can tell you that after fishing offshore on 30 Aug, 21 days later my boat had same Problem. Just barely planning. I call Scott with Va Beach Boats. He sent a diver to clean the bottom.

            After cleaning the bottom, "PUMPKIN" jumps up and runs so nice. Thanks
            Nick 2003 CC28 KAMD300


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              The Pumpkin


              Thanks for the kind words . . . Scott tries to keep our guys running. Are you ready for your 32 yet???




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                nick,how bad was your bottom? a friend dove down under and he could not find any thing wrapped around the props struts rudders ect. ect. the only visible sign of growth were little squigley lines on the props(apparently the beginning of barnacle growth) and the outside bottom along the water line has some green growth.. iam having all of my fuel filters changed out to see if glogged filters might be the culprit,, i will keep you all posted after this is done,,thanks to all for your replies.. chuckabear


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                  vibration/bad performance

                  More than likely extensive growth on the bottom.
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