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Time to Winterize - Oil Pan Heaters

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  • Time to Winterize - Oil Pan Heaters

    I am puting together a group buy for a bunch of our local guys for Wolverine Engine Oil Pan heaters - keep your engines and engine room warm, dry and rust free.

    Basic Info on the most common sizes are as follows and of course quantity will drive pricing . . .

    Model 16 (5-13qt Oil pan capacity), i.e. Volvo D4, Yanmar 315, retail $59.95, our price so far $54.95 (we have a bunch of orders for local guys already)

    Model 40 (13-27qt Oil pan capacity), i.e. 6B, 6C, D6, QSB, QSC, Yanmar 440, retail $79.95, our price so far $74.95 (we have a bunch of orders for local guys already)

    Other sizes are available for Crusader, Volvo Gas, Westerbeke . . .

    If you are interested please post back so I can get an idea of quantity to go back to the manufacturer with for final pricing.


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    Oil Heater

    I am interested. Exactly how does the model for the D-6 work. Is it an external application or do you have to install it to the engine?


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      Great product/good deal

      as some may have ercalled I asked a few questions about wiring on these in the past and have successfully installed them on my Volvo's.

      I turned them on at 4 PM the afternoon before my last trip; came down at 5:30 AM the next 47 degree morning and found 110 degree oil and a nice toasty engine room and cabin.

      I would like a 2nd opinion on the wisdom of running them 24 X 7 on 14/3 wire and a 20 amp circuit befoer leaving them on longer.


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        I would not feel safe leaving them on 24/7, running a 20 amp circuit with 14 wire. Can you change to a 15 amp circuit?

        In fact I would not run 14 wire on a 20 amp at all.

        Hopefully someone who knows more than me could chime in with a better answer.



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          Install and Running

          Hey Doc:

          You clean and sand a small portion/area on the outside, bottom of your oil pan, stick on and seal the edges with the supplied rtv/silicone and that is it.

          I ran these on my 28 24/7 for the 6 years I owned her with no issues (and the current owner is still doing so). My boat was in the water all the time and I had them plugged into the gfi outlet in the engine room. For me with the 6Bs (model 40 heater on each engine) it eliminated my at-start smoke and left my engine temps right at 110 degress at all times. A few nice side effects were keeping the engine room dry and rustfree and oil changes were easy with the warm oil. We have a few other 28s here doing the same thing with no ill effects . . . As for the load I feel it is ok especially with a gfi in the mix, but those that want to switch to a lower amperage breaker that feeds the circuit let me know and we can get those too . . . Keep in mind that a pair of model 40s is 1000watts max draw -- less then my daughter's Barbie hairdryer! (alternately, those that want to be very conservative can opt for a pair of 16s that will be 500 watts max draw; They won't heat the larger engines as well but will definately help)

          I also had one installed on my genset but I very rarely used it since the heaters on the engines kept the whole engine space warm.


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            Why did I pick 14/3?

            because the battery charger is also wired w/ 14/3 wire. Monley see, monkey do !

            I am also uncomfortable w/ not being around to check the boat everyday w/ 500 watts/ 4 amp's running through 14 wire and am thinking to change down to a 10 amp breaker.

            I am not comfortable that a GFI outlet will protect me against a wire overheat and meltthrough.

            FWIW - if i remember correctly the Wolverines themselves have 6' of 18/3 wire which is a weaker link than the 14/3 marine wire I used.


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              Where on the Cape


              Where are you on the Cape - after all this time I just noticed your sig/location??? We have a house in Wellfleet on King Phillip Road . . . . (that we do not get to nearly often enough).

              If a 10 amp breaker helps/lets you sleep at night, you won't hear any complaints/crtiticism from me.


              To anyone else that wants 10 or 15 amp breakers to down-rate the breaker feeding the engine space gfi let me know and we can get those too . . .
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                and I slip at Macdougalls.

                I intend to be about 3 miles east of your house on Friday !


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                  I understand your concern. A 14 guage AC electric wire should never been on a 20 amp circuit. If you go to a 10 amp breaker, that is fine, But I'm not sure they make a 10, (I am probably wrong), You should run a 15 amp breaker with a 14 guage wire. That is code. Now you can run a larger guage wire on a smaller amp breaker, but never the opposite, I'm sure you already know this. Also there are exception to this rule, but it gets complicated, and not worth the sleepless nights/days, I'm like you, nervous and will not sleep if I don't trust it, after all it's our baby's were talking about.
                  I run the same heaters on my 28, they do get expensive to run at full wattage, the heat generated however is great, My engine compartment in the fall, early spring, is nice an toasty and dry and they fire right up. (cummins), What I tried this year was to run them in a series, this cuts the wattage in half, and is much cheaper on electric, and I don't worry "as" much. Engine compartment is, lets say not as toasty, but it is better than nothing. Still perform great.

                  I hope I helped in some way.

                  Nick, 01 28.


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                    will they fit on the 250 b's , i noticed they were not listed
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                      I use model 16 for my 4B's.



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                        Yes they will . . . (the 16s)



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                          Volvo D6

                          I was wondering what size I would need for my Volvo D6 motors?

                          Thanks for the Reply.
                          Capt. Bobby G.


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                            Model 40 - - your pan capacity is approx 21 quarts



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                              Tally for order

                              Okay, I need to get these coming for people. Please post back with quantity and model for those that want them. Please include an email address or some form of contact so my assistant can get shipping details.

                              Of course those with any additional questions please ask away.