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  • 35 fuel burn

    I am thinking about moving up to a 35 very soon. I need to know real time fuel burn info for the 540's. Fully loaded for a canyon trip. Cruise speed at what rpm and fuel burn at that speed.

    I was told 27-28 kts at 37-38 gph. I do not know what rpm that was. I just need real time info from you guys that have them.

    If anyone is looking for a 32 let me know.
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    Fuel Burn numbers


    Here is a cut and paste from an earlier post:

    "On a 2006 35 with tower and the 540s that a friend of ours has and I run on frequently, we see a 27/28 knot loaded cruise at 2150 burning about 37 gph (load hovers around the 80% range depending on what the see conditions are). This is an offshore load (full fuel, water a tackle shop on board and 4 guys) with a clean bottom and clean wheels. This is our every day cruise and where we feel this 35 likes to run, conditions permitting . . .

    High cruise at 2400 on the boat is 32 knots under the same conditions, but the economy is not pleasant (can't recall the exact number and I won't guess . . .). To see a 30 knot cruise we are at 2250+ and are burning around 40 gph. At WOT (2600 approx, but Q series Cummins are more accurately spoken about in terms of load, which in this case is 96% or so) we are seeing ~35 . . . fuel burn = lots and lots . . .

    Bear in mind that this boat is run typically with no tab, clean wheels (growth on the wheels really can beat the tar out of your efficiency) and a clean bottom, 70 degree water on a warm September day (last time we went offshore), and of course not pushing through big water . . . . You are in Islamorada so the evirnoment will work against you -- growth, water temps . . .

    There are a lot of variables that can effect your speeds and burns, and typically several small variances in running preferences, cleanliness, ambient temps, loads/gear on board, etc can bleed a bit of speed/efficiency here and there, and that starts to add up.

    With the QSC540s you are developing virtually all of your power/torque/efficiency at about 2200 rpm - anything over that and your are just turning rpms --- i.e. the increase in hp is not at all efficient in relation to the amount of fuel running through the motor . . .

    Hope this helps a little . . ."

    I have run this boat all 2007 season and we have maintained these numbers (250 hours this year and counting). The owner/we are fanatical about keep the bottom clean and the running gear clean - NO shark scale or growth on the props (which fills in the cup and makes your efficieny ****). We have on occasion tried backing down 50 turns, dropped ~1kt but brought our efficiency up slightly to approx .8nmpg.

    We might take this boat down to our open house in November so if you are coming you can take a ride with us. If all goes as planned we want to run home via Oregon Inlet and fish for a day or two . . .

    The QSC600 boat we sold to a customer in May has had 400+ hours put on her so far and we feel that it is slightly more efficient. Turn 2400 (it is a 3000 rpm at rated motor) we are seeing ~37gph and 29.5 - 30 knot offshore loaded cruise. Bear in mind that this boat is geared differently so the combo of how the ecms are mapped plus the ratio change is accounting for the slight efficiency increase. Paul Weisenfeld owns this boat and is a member of this sight (his boat is the 'True Blue' and is the blue 35 in the owner's pic gallery) and can verify the performance . . .

    Let me know what other info you need . . .
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      Thanks Tres.

      Buy the way, how much fuel does the 35 hold. I have seen conflicting reports from 400-435.

      Just need to get the 32 sold now.
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        Fuel Capacity

        400 gallons . . .


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          I know Paul's boat "True Blue". She is a beauty.. He is on the same dock as us.

          I can try and get his numbers if you like.

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            I had heard at the boat show on Friday that you were contemplating the 35. I didn't want to let the cat out of the bag!

            I have a friend who wants to by a 32 with me but I think the partnership would be a bad idea for us. Regardless, he may be interested on his own or there is a small possibility of my brother and I considering. Please PM me the price you would be looking for and hours on the boat.
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              If you want Paul's contact info to speak with him directly just let me know . . . . Paul is one ouf our best customers b/c he fishes the boat ALOT, keeps a very watchful eye on how the boat runs/performs, maintains the boat meticulously and provides us with a lot of feedback. His boat is the first CC35 w/the QSC600s and getting to know him throughout the sales and build cycle made him the perfect candidate to own/evaluate how those motors run in the boat (when the seed pair of 600s was offered to Mac we changed his boats power choice mid-build).

              If the first pair of 600s had gone to one of our low hour customers we would not have gotten near the amount of useful data . . .
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