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    Hello everyone....I was just curious to see if anybody had some general #'s relating to a 1998 7.4 range out of 165 gallons. The boat seems to be pretty economical considering its weight. I am looking into adding a floscan this winter, but was curious as to what other owners were getting. I know there a # of factors determining range but was looking for some general #'s, especially to those that allready have floscans installed. Also what rpms seem to be the most economical for that motor. We normall run around 3600-3800 which seems to be a happy speed for then engine. Thanks in advance!!
    1998 Carolina Classic 25 "Southern Class"

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    The previous owner of my boat took it from Mackinaw Island to Holland in one day on one tank. 10 hours at 25-27 mph cruise, alone. That is approximately 270 miles. He reportedly came in on fumes.
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      Your cruise rpms seem high to me. I would suspect that 300-3200 for that motor would be a more ecoomical cruise speed. The Floscan is a good idea and will help you pinpoint the most economical cruise.
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        fuel burn

        I recently purchased a CC25 myself. I have had it for two weeks and have gone through everything I can think of. Replaced hoses, antifreeze(fresh water cooled), belt, balance jack shaft, cleaned and greased all electrical connections, and anything else I have seen, I have looked at. Both of my seacocks were stuck open and had to clean and get them free. I also installed radar, GPS, and a Floscan. I plan on doing a shake-down cruise at a local lake this Sat. I don't know if the Floscan needs some calibration, but will report back on fuel burn and optimum RPM's. As a 98, your's is carburated I think and may expect to burn a little more fuel than EFI.


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          gas burn

          my friend bought a new 25 with 8.1 midseason last year..hard to judge the burn but he thinks 1 npg ? he is getting the better flowscan early this season so i will report when he has some good numbers...Charlie


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            Given the same engine, the jackshaft boats should have more range (thrust alignment).

            I would bet that fuel injected boats do better than carb'd, but the difference might not be noticeable.

            I would also guess that even though more displacement on 8.1 boats vs. 7.4 boats, the 8.1s aren't working as hard and probably do better at cruising speed. Trolling edge to 7.4s.
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              25 range

              drop your run speed back to 3200-3400 rpm and your range will improve - well mine did!

              I really do need a floscan.. ran from Port Lucaya, Grand Bahama to Port Canaveral, FL about 22-23kts 4 persons and fairly heavily loaded with coolers etc from vacation .. been a while so I need to find my notes, think about 10 hours of running time.... I thought was 160+ statue miles. Burned all my fuel plus 3 gallons.

              big block carbed, bravo3 1995 CC25 johnd


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                [QUOTE= Burned all my fuel plus 3 gallons.

                big block carbed, bravo3 1995 CC25 johnd[/QUOTE]

                Just curious how you can burn all your fuel plus 3 gallons...did you run out?


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                  I think I have the Floscan set pretty close. On the big pond, 2.5-3.5 waves @ 5-6 sec. it was interesting watching the meter. On the way out I didn't play with tabs and trim and was burning about 22-24 GPH @ 21-23 mph which was about 3200 3400 rpm's. Playing with the tabs and trim on the way in, 20-21 gph @ 3400 3600 rpm's @ 25-27 mph. Suttle changes in the tabs to combat a port side cross chop kept spray off the windsheild with 10-15 knot breeze. I was much impressed. Total on GPS for day was 110 nm , fuel burn was 99.9 gal. 5 hours at cruise 3 at troll. Troll burn rate at about 1100 1200 rpm's was 2-3 gph. I think that as I learn the boat better, my mileage will increase a little, and the floscan will help me alot.


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                    on the hill what floscan did you install and about how much was the entire process. i just purchased a 25' and want to install one just curious which one and how much. glad to see it is working good for you.


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                      I found one with the older version sensor at a local(inland) marine store. It was a 5534-164-1 I believe. The new version is 5534-261-1 I think. It is the stand alone, the one that replaces the tach and hour meter is about 1/2 inch smaller diameter than the tach on the boat. I didn't want to fill with starboard and recut for that. The price was around $350. The install was pretty smooth, and took less than 2 hours reading and following directions.

                      Correction: 5534-264-1 is the package I have..
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