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  • Potential Owner Looking for Info.

    I am very close to placing an order for a new CC25 with Yanmar diesel. I do much of my own routine maintenance and would like to know from other owners with a CC25 the pros and cons on maintaining this boat such as:
    Oil changes- is an oil change pump necessary?
    Flushing the engine after use with fresh water. Is there a flush kit available?
    The need for an internal water strainer, placement ect.
    Fuel Filter replacement
    Raw water Pump replacement
    Anti freeze draining
    Also any pics on electronic placement in the helm area would be great.
    Any comments about these maintenance tasks or any other info members can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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    Oil Pump

    I have an oil pumpout on my 28. Well worth the money. You can do it without, but it really makes for a messy job. With the pump all you have to do is open a y valve and flip a switch. 100 seconds later, you just replace the filter and pour in some new oil. It really makes it easy.


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      I had a Yanmar 6LP in a 25 and did the routine maintenance such as oil and filter changes myself though I had the factory service come and do the full periodic check. I think you want a pro to do stuff relating to the valves or especially the fuel injection system unless you have lots of experience.

      As noted, you do want an oil change pump as it makes the job vastly easier. The oil and fuel filter changes are straightforward and the access is not difficult. Bleeding air from the fuel system is also quite simple. Changing the impeller on the raw water pump is a bit of a pain. Once you accept that it is simplest to take the entire pump off the motor rather than try to get the impeller out in place, it gets a lot easier.

      You did not mention zincs but that is a critical task that is also not too difficult. I have a recollection of endless zincs in sneaky places but it is probably just four or five. Check them often as they can erode surprisingly fast.

      I never bothered with flushing the heat exchanger with freshwater but I did not have much choice since I was on a mooring and did not have a fresh water supply. For what its' worth, I have a friend who is a charter boat captain with a 6LP in a downeast style boat. His motor is pushing 7,000 hours without an overhaul and all original components including the heat exchanger. He has replaced the exhaust elbow once as a precaution. He does not flush his motor. I am sure you could rig a flush kit but I am not sure if there is a Yanmar-specific kit.

      The freshwater side has a pretty long maintenance interval and I let the factory tech do that. It did not look too hard, however.

      My boat did not have a strainer other than the "scoop" but I think the new boats have them integrated near the seacock. Not a bad idea but depends on conditions where you operate.

      In general it is a pretty straightforward mechanical engine with decent access.


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        Oil Pump, etc.

        DO order the oil pump out. Well worth the cost.

        Also, if you are considering doing some of your own work on the 6LP if would be a good idea to order from your Yanmar distributor a spare parts kit. The "extensive" and VERY EXPENSIVE ($900 or so) parts kit includes a repair manual, engine fuel filter, seals, o rings, oil filter(s) (include a few), impellar, spare injector, zincs and a few other parts and seals.

        Though you may only want to change the oil, it is good to have the other parts handy so that, if for instance, you do have a faulty injector, impellar, etc, you have a spare for a mechanic to change out.

        I also change my Racor fuel filter at 50 hour intervals. When you order a case of them (30 micron) they cost about $6- 7 each. Perhaps way to often but, cheap insurance you know. You can order the Racor's online from Southeast Power Systems in Fl.

        Also be sure to carry on board an extra gallon of oil and a few quarts of transmission fluid - you never know.
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          My o6 25

          Lag, Feel free to contact me as I have a rig as you described and I am sure my experiences might be of help. I am getting ready to move up in size so look at my post under 4 sale.


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            Thanks to all for your input. I am sure I will have more questions as I get closer to making the jump. By the way I currently run a 24' Rampage with a 170 hp yanmar.

            Those with the Yanmar 315, what kind of fuel economy are you experiencing at cruise?