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  • One amazing story

    I wanted to take a moment and share an amazing story with everybody on this forum. In early July I had my 28 CC hauled out at a local marina in Ft. Myers, FL to have the bottom painted on it. The marina told me that my boat had about 40 major blisters and that I would have to pay them to peel the entire exterior gel coat and re glass and gel the bottom to fix the blisters. I will not even go into details as to the proposed cost of the repair.

    I decided to call Carolina Classic and get their opinion in regards to repairing the boat. I called up CC and asked for the warranty department; when transferred a gentleman answered the phone and introduced himself as Mac Privott, I had no clue at this point that I was talking to the President and founder of the company. Who would have ever thought that the owner of the company would be taking telephone calls let alone warranty calls? As Americans I think we are conditioned to anticipate being blown off in these situations and we never find anyone who really cares when we need help. Most corporations have outsourced their service departments to developing nations so when you actually get a live body on the phone you are talking to someone in India or somewhere that deep down probably hates your American ass. Anyways to make a long story short I explained my situation to Mac and in a thick southern draw he says, “I don’t believe there is anything major, wrong with my boat send it to me and I will fix it and send it back to you”. Honestly I was not ready for a response like that and I almost had to pull of the road to gain composure. I had heard that Carolina Classic made great boats and had a good service department but my boat is a 1996 and I am the second owner. Why would they even consider helping me, right? Mac arranged to have my boat shipped over a thousand miles to CC headquarters in Edenton and within 3 weeks I had my boat back at home floating next to my dock fixed good as new with no out of pocket costs to myself. They also went around my boat and fixed every nick, chip, crack, and ding that I had put in the gel goat from years of wear and tear on their own free will and at no cost to me.

    As consumers we are programmed to proceed into situations with our guards up and assume that we are going to be taken advantage of if not cautious. This experience has not only made me a Carolina Classic boat owner for life, but it has changed my contemptuous outlook on businesses in general. There are still some good companies out there that do the right thing by putting their customers’ interests ahead of their own you just have to find them. Carolina Classic is one company that has truly figured it out; if you put the people first the profits will follow. By genuinely caring about me as a customer and wanting to make me happy they have forged a life long relationship with a customer who will definitely be purchasing a CC 35’ within the next 2 years. In the meantime I am a walking billboard for Carolina Classic boats. I tell anyone who will listen about my experience and that they would be a fool to buy any other boat. We could all take a lesson from Mac Privott and the business that he has built and that lesson is if you give back you will receive a whole lot more in return. Telling this story honestly makes me a little emotional because I am so proud to be a part of something that is so great. This story isn’t just about boats it’s much bigger than that. Thank you so much Mac and I hope some day I will be able to return the favor.

    Dan Shannon

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    Your story is not an isolated instance - Mac and Keith go out of their way to help and support any of their boats - regardless of age or ownership. I recently heard of another owner who recently joined the board and bought a used CC 28' - and found a piece of rotted wood under the decks - contacted Mac or Keith - and their response was - bring the boat down here and we will fix it. Like you - the boat was about 10 years old - no warranty BS - no red tape - if there is a problem with the way the boat was constructed - they will stand behind it. Needless to say - the new owner of this used CC was shocked - and that's why Mac has such a loyal following. Once a CC owner - always a CC owner. Having grown up on boats and either run or owned them since 1957 - I have never seen such an outgoing owner with such pride in his product. I knew Andy Ulricksen very well (a local NJ builder of skiffs in the 50's & 60's), John Luhrs is a friend of the family (he now owns Luhrs, Mainship, O'Day sailboats, Silverton and who knows what else) - none of them offered the support of the Privott's. Hopefully I'll live long enough to upgrade my 28 in years to come - but after hearing the horror stories of other owners with other "mass produced" boats - mine will always have a CC logo as long as Mac and Keith run the company.
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      I’m the owner Capt. B is mentioning.
      I was also pleasantly pleased by there outstanding commitment to stand behind their product.
      What a company. They can always stand proud!


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        You could not have stated this better.

        It actually makes me feel good to know I own one of these boats with this kind of family behind it..

        Thank you for your story. I think we all have one like it..
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          Great Story!!!

          And not a word of it surprises me. Mac, his sons and his company are truly exceptional and I hope they know how much they are appreciated! I only wish two things were different... They are that

          1. Mac also built marine diesel engines

          2. Mac offered a fly bridge model Carolina Classic

          Steve on Reel Screamer
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            great people

            I am also a 28cc owner and I can not agree more about Mac and his company. I was just at a boat show talking to mac about my boat. a friend was with me and he a blackfin owner could not believe the support Mac has given me this past summer. THANKS MAC.


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              Cape Dano-

              I would like to hear about the blisters if the boat really has them. Southern yards have been making millions over the blister issue for years now. Keep us informed.
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                What causes the blisters? I also have three or four on my port bow area.
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                  Here are a couple links about osmotic blistering

                  The first one is better than the second. Their chemistry is not too strong but you get the general idea of what osmotic blistering is all about.

                  I have never seen one of these blisters - maybe someone could post a pic of one they have??
                  Steve on Reel Screamer
                  2004 Carolina Classic 28