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F$&!* curtain leaks

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  • F$&!* curtain leaks

    Has anyone come up with a solution to keep water from pouring through the curtain seams and corners when you take spray up over the hard top?

    I've tried silicon seal; tape; velcro overlays and still take water when I'm pounding in seas.

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    this does not solve the problem but i do the following...if the water is hitting the boat on the port side i dont get wet at the helm so no problem...if the seas are from the stbd. side i fire up the autopilot which on my boat works very well in bad conditions and let someone else sit at the helm while i ride on the outside of the bench seat away from the spray. this may seem mean to the crew but if they dont like it let them sit at the dock in their boats that cant handle the weather at all !!!