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  • hatch problem

    The hatch on my 28' CC has the locking mechanism glued (?) to the actual hatch glass. This has come unglued and also has left circlular hairline cracks on the glass where it had been glued. I bought this boat used this spring and didn't notice this issue until early summer when I opened the hatch. Not sure if prior owner had some history with this hatch. I have sent pics to Bomar and haven't heard back from them yet. Anyone else have a similar problem? Looks like most new hatches are actually screwed to the glass, which seems better. Any suggestions?
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    hatch repair

    I had the same problem (looks like it was on the same side as well - Port). The locking mech simply came unglued.

    Looking down towards the surface of the hatch lock (the surface that epoxys to the glass) it has an open cavity in the center. I predrilled the plexiglass hatch and screwed in a 1" screw. This placed the screw threads "inside" the open cavity when the lock was placed back on the plexiglass. I used marine epoxy to fill the cavity and placed epoxy between the surfaces of the plexiglass and lock. I opened the hatch and clamped the two items together.

    No one has ever noticed that there is only a screw on the forward port corner of the hatch, and not one on the starboard side. Structurally, it has held with no problems.

    Good Luck!


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      Thanks for your response. I talked to Keith and he said they no longer use that hatch. His suggestion other than replacing the hatch was to use super glue.

      My first epoxy attempt failed but for the second attempt I took extra care in prepping both surfaces and the glue has been holding for about a month. I'll try your method if this doesn't last.