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Thanks guys, you saved my bacon!!!

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  • Thanks guys, you saved my bacon!!!

    After reading about the Yanmar 315 vavle problems (under the YANMAR!!!!!!! thread) I got Mac Boring to come & adjust/inspect the valves. Sure enough the clips on the valves were about to let go. Between 2 engines I had 8 bad valves. And you would have never known there was a problem. Boat has been running as strong & smooth as ever. Mechanic was amazed. He couldn't believe none of the vavles had dropped yet. He said by the looks of it, it would have surprised him to see me make it out of the slip again. Forget about offshore. If it wasn't for your informative posts I would have been in a world of hurt. Yanmar is picking up the bill completely. Heads came off today & will hopefully be back on next week. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again.

    Jerome Coker
    28' CC - Twin 315s