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Really basic Qs about CC 28'

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  • Really basic Qs about CC 28'

    Hey fellas, my father and I are considering upgrading and I had some general questions. We fish off OC, Md (about half troll and half chunk). Currently we fish a 27 World Cat are happy with it, but am looking for something with diesels and a tower down the road.

    The constraints are that we would like to keep it on our private lift in a shallow canal. MLW ~3'. I know it's almost a sin, but does the 28' come with diesel outdrives so we could raise them in the canal?

    I've seen 28' on lifts in pictures, but what is the wet weight of the hull with fuel, gear, etc?

    Lastly, our typical day trolling covers about 180 miles of water (60 miles each way plus trolling) What kind of fuel burn are you getting with the 28 diesels.


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    Larry, I have a 2006, 28 on a lift. The lift is rated for 20,000 lbs. I think the boat is around 15,000 lbs loaded. The problem you have is the water depth. I have about 3' at low tide. The lift itself is about 2 foot deep so at low tide
    I have no chance of getting the boat off the lift. I have twin D4 Volvo inboards and burn about 2 gallons per engine, per hour at troll speed. I just have to plan ahead for getting the boat on and off the lift.



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      28 out drives

      I recently purchased my 2002 28' with Volvo KAD43's, jack shaft and out drive's.
      From SSM @ OC to PMs fish for 8-10 hrs burns about 95 gals diesel, cruise out at 23 knts, return 25-26 knts. One 14hr trip to rock pile fished till 5 pm, burned 94 gals. They are slower than a worldcat on calm waters, but when the seas get up, she is very comfortable and still 23-26 knts. Not to mention dry and no spilled drinks.

      Will be there all next week fishing the WMO, after Friday, stop by F dock if you want to see boat.

      "Over Billin"


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        Give me a call when you get a chance. We can maybe try and run my boat up into your marina one day to see if it would work.

        I'm going to list her for sale in Sept as we want to move up to the 32 or 35.


        OCFC A-41
        28 Carolina Classic
        OCFC, MD.


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          28 questions

          I have a 06 28 with d-6 volvo's and a hard top. I had the boat weighed and it came in at 16,000 with full fuel. On a typical trip out 60 nautical miles and trolling all day at 7 knots, then back home, she burns about 130 gallons.

          If you are interested in a outdrive 28 make sure you stay away from any diesel combos with merc outdrives. I had one and it was nothing but trouble. I think many people with the volvo set up have had better luck.


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            Thanks for all replies guys. And I should have known you'd be on here Ed!

            Reel Nice, I know exactly what your talking about with the lift...we have the same problem with our World Cat....the jet skis guys fly up and down our canal, creating wake that fills in the hole under our's constant upkeep.

            Over Billin, We're fishing the WMO in our cat...I'll stop by and check her out on our lay days and see if I catch you in the slip.

            Ed, thanks for the offer, but I'm not overly worried about trying to get the Sweet E Motion up our canal...I don't think I'd ever try straight inboards up there. Good to know about the outdrives, though. Sometime after the WMO, we'll have to set a trip up.

            I'm happy with our WC. It's performed better than I expected and she catches fish...I'm just tired of the gas prices and would like to have a tower or something, but don't want to give up the convience/cost of a private lift. A typical day trolling for us is from to the PMs or Rockpile burns about 110-115 $3.50/gallon, we have to take 6 guys just to afford it!

            All this is just thinking out loud at this point, but it seems like the used CC28s aren't priced too high compared to a high end outboard boat, but you get so much more.
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