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CC25 vs twin outboard

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  • CC25 vs twin outboard

    i own 28cc and love my boat!! a friend of mine has been re-bitten by the offshore bug..his boat is a 24 1/2 pursuit with single 225 4-stroke. this combo gets close to 3mpg..he wants a 25' boat for offshore and maybe some canyon runs when the weather permits.we fish out of shinn.inlet ny. the run to the local canyons is 65-75 miles. he is looking at a 25 deep v parker pilot house with twin 150 yam.4-stroke(should get @ 2mpg?) and a gas cc25(???fuel burn) i feel that the cc is a lot more boat but after many years running offshore myself in all sea conditions i feel the need for 2 anyone in my area running the canyons in a 25cc gas boat? All opinions will help...Thanks,Charlie.

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    I ran a CC25 with a Yanmar Diesel down to Block Canyon quite a few times which is about 80-90 miles each way for me. Not directly relevant if your friend is looking at a gas boat since they are somewhat less efficient. But my boat typically burned 11-12 gph to cruise at 27 kts, so I was getting well over 2 nmpg. My overall average fuel burn including trolling, short trips, long trips, etc etc, was about 4 gph over the course of the season. SO I think even a gas CC25 will have lower operating costs than the twin outboards.

    Only your friend can decide if he is comfortable with a single, but I think if your boat is well maintained and you have enough mechanical knowledge to know when things are not quite right, the risk of losing power is manageable.

    I have been on a few Parkers of that size and unless that particular one is different, I can't even imagine buying one expecting to do long offshore trips unless you figure out a way to do it only on days that are flat calm (good luck!). The ride quality is such that you would be forced to slow way down in any kind of sea and it would get to be a very, very long trip. With the CC25, you don't get to that point until it is pretty nasty out.


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      biuefin,thanks for the reply.i agree with you. lots of boats run deep with 1 engine, the 25 with single yanmar sounds great but he is looking at the 8.1 std. gas setup..the cc will also handle the slop better. anyone with any input on the gas setup...Thanks,again...Charlie


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        I cant give you much info on the 25 gas as mine is a 28 diesel. However I did quite a bit of research and visited the Parker factory before I bought the classic. This was a few years ago but it was my understanding the the 25 parker only came in the modified V. You had to step down to the 23 parker to get a deep V (at least on the pilot house boats). The pilot house was nice but I agree with bluefin... Long slow ride. Great inshore and bay boats but a 60 - 70 mile run in even the smallest ocean chop would be brutal in my opinion.


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          reel happy

          my boat is a 28cc/315 yanmars--cant be beat except by a 32 or 35. the parker he is looking at has a 21 deg.deadrise but is very has good range but needs to be run in the slop to test..the 25cc gas will have no issues with the slop but i am not sure about the range. i would rather have a lousey ride once in a while than not go there at all..thanks for the reply...Charlie