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Hi All,
I appreciate that a number of folks have asked about contributing to a forum fundraiser to defer the licensing and operating costs. I will be posting something in a month or two with options for contributing. I took care of all the initial costs of out pocket for now to ensure we are covered in the transition. More to follow in the New Year.
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Overnighting in a CC25

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  • Overnighting in a CC25

    Hey guys, I am looking for a trailerable w/a or express that the gf and I can spend the weekend on and also head offshore. Do any of you stay on the 25 for a weekend and if so what have you done to make it more comfortable? Please give me any input. This is basically the only problem I have found with the 25 is accomodations to overnight on comfortably but I am sure some of you have rigged a boat to be a little more comfortable. Thanks
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    Are you planning to stay on the hook or at marinas?
    My wife and I have stayed at marinas along the ditch in Florida and the northern islands of the Bahamas in our 25.
    #1 Improvement: a thicker mattress! I purchased a large piece of 'spacefoam' (2" thick bed overlay), cut to fit the 'v' and she sewed a cover of regular sheets. It rolls up during travel.
    #2 A/C - in the islands in the summer it gets real warm (and afternoon rains mean you can't keep boat open). A portable a/c unit is great
    #3 Even with a/c (and specailly without) bring a small powerful fan. Plug into 110outlet. Airflow during sleeping very nice
    The largest glass measuring cup you can find that will fit inside your microwave. Great for heating water for morning coffee, heating canned vegies. Just a useful thing to have
    We have not done this, but others have - use velcro and bug screen and build a 'cover' for your hatch and doorway if you plan to keep open
    A 50' 30 amp cord... yes 50 foot. Often as a small boat in marinas you will be in larger berths and will need the extra to reach power.
    Water hose. Simple Green (or enviro safe cleaner) and brush to washdown your boat.
    A tarp and lot's of bungee cords.
    At home I have an excel spreadsheet of stuff to remember (developed by 5 of us over a number of trips).. but I think you were being more specific about modifications on the boat... did I say beer?
    Enjoy! johnd


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      John, you have pm. Anyone else that overnights on a 25 please speak up . THanks


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        pm back to you.jd


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          We have not done this, but others have - use velcro and bug screen and build a 'cover' for your hatch and doorway if you plan to keep open


          Keith at the factory supplied me with a bug screen that fits into the hatch when it's open. Pretty cheap, only about 20 Dollars I think.
          Tigerlily - CC 28
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