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    Hate to post a topic like this, but rumor has it Mac sold to Brunswick Boats. I don't want to know what anyone else "has heard", because I don't want to be the one that starts any gossip, but if anyone has any facts please let us know. If this is true, I would like opionions on how you think this will effect brand quality, resale, etc. Thanks, Jerome

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    Best way to verify a rumor would be to call and ask. Before posting.


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      A friend on my dock that owns a 25 CC tried to contact Mac last week but he was unavailable. He also called Town Creek in Beaufort, NC & they said they were no longer distributors? Figured I couldn't be the first to know, just didn't want to be the last to know. That's what this forum is for, right? No sarcasm intended. Thanks


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        I am a dealer for Carolina Classic, and a long time owner and friend of the Privotts and Mac has not sold to Brunswick. The factory was closed for vacation week before last. Last week they were slammed with catching up from vacation (I was there on Tuesday with a customer looking at his 32 being built and they were trying to get caught up from the vacation).

        Terry Davis has left Town Creek and took the Carolina Classic line with him (as he did when 70 West was sold) and now has his own place - Davis Boat Sales.

        I have spoken to Mac this morning and can assure all involved that Carolina Classic is still owned by the Privotts. Let's dispense with the rumor and get back to fishing . . . .
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          Thanks for the info. Personally, would hate to see any changes. Great outfit, great people.


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            Called Carolina Classic yesterday with a question late in the day. I don't know who it was that answered the phone but I asked to talk to Keith. The person said he was not available but asked if he could help. Turned out to be Mac himself. He answered all my questions about a problem I am having, gave me all the info I needed to troubleshoot and told me if those don't work call him back. He even gave me his email address to send him a photo of my alternator so he cold identify exactly which one I have. Naw, I don't think they are going anywhere. I bet there is not a single other boat company out there that when you call the big man answers the phone himself, especially at 5:30pm.
            Jim B.
            FLY'N FISH 35 Classic
            Va. Beach


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              The top of this thread scared me.

              When I think about moving up to a bigger boat I always think about a CC 32 or 35 even though I would very much like to own a fly bridge one day. The support I have learned I can count on from Mac and Keith is a huge factor for me. I can't say I know of another company (in any area of my life) where customer loyalty is this strong and I believe they have earned every bit of it.

              Now...How can we talk Mac into adding a fly bridge model????
              Steve on Reel Screamer
              2004 Carolina Classic 28