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  • Wiper motor on 28

    I was running home saturday for a shark trip and I had my window opened on my side we took some spray on my port side so I turned my wiper on and then shut it off as we were running I started to smell somthing burning but could not figure what it was I thaught maybe is was something burning on land my buddy then sees smoke coming out of the starboard side wiper motor I then stopped the boat and closed the winshield as soon as I did that the wiper cleaned the winshield and shut off. I guess it was stuck on my canvas and is why it was burning the motor. My question is shouldnt there be a fuse that would go off in a situation like that?

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    The wiper motor fuse is 30 amps, 2nd or thrird one in.

    and I had the exact same experience 6 years back. Motor started burning; fuse did not pop. In my case it was water piling through the hole in the window frame and shorting the 12V orange wire against the window frame I never trusted the wipers after that in heavy weather and removed them and the wire that winter.


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      Wiper Motor

      About 2 years ago, I was coming into Winyah Bay in heavy seas with an outgoing tide...unpleasant, but not scary, until the wiper motor started really smoking and smelling. The whole housing was too hot to touch. Tearapart revealed a fried motor and wires. I replaced the motor and sealed the cover with silicon, but rarely use it. I have found that a regular application of Rain X works great.....agitator


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        Same problem here too with my 02. In that situation we manually ripped the wires out of the motor since it would not shut off with the dash switch and it was very hot/smoking.

        I bought two new motors from CC this Spring and went to put them on the boat but the screw holes didn't line up since CC decided to upgrade to a bigger and better model. I decided to leave them off instead of drilling new holes. They are also much heavier and I worried if the screws provided would be strong enough. So far the rainx works great and I have improved vision.

        I just need to find some black material or eisen glass material to seal up the holes from the old wipers. I tried stick-on velcro but that didn't last one trip. Maybe I need to sew something on there.
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