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    I made an off shore trip yesterday out of Staten Island , NY. I have an 04 28 with inboard volvo 300 diesels.I was loaded with fuel, water tank approx. 1500# between 5 guys and bait and ice etc...Water temp was about 72, my question is, is it normal with such a heavy load to see my temp gauge slightly above 200 degrees on my temp gauge while running at 24kts.Also on the way home less all the bait and 100gal. of fuel temp was straight up 200.
    2004 28 VOLVO 300 DIESELS

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    I ran out Saturday for a shark trip and I had my boat full of fuel, ice , bait and 4 guys and my engine temp was just under 200. I ran 3000 rpms out and the tem[ did not pass 200. I have 300 kamd also. On another note do you know who won the Staten Island shark tournament we fished it but only caught 2 makos the bigger one was about 80lbs, 1 brown shark and one blue nothing realy to weigh in.


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      Get a heat gun

      and take a shot of the coolant lines next time your running to calibrate gauge w/ reality. I never trusted the Volov analog gauges; I always had one that read 10 degrees above the other and was also straight up 200.

      205 is a bit high for early summer - how are you propped to handle that much load? can you reach 3850 fully loaded?


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        what kind of gauge do I ned to get a good temp reading?
        2004 28 VOLVO 300 DIESELS


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          reel addiction I also fished that tournament, the s.i. tournament was raffled off nobody caught anything and 2 sharks where caught for leanardo
          2004 28 VOLVO 300 DIESELS


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            My biggest mako was about 59 inches and weighed about 80lbs


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              Mine shows just below 200.
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                I spoke to keith and he told me volvo sending units or temp gauges are off by almost 15 degrees, my starboard reads much higher then the port.Had volvo come down and confirmed for me that the starboard gauge was way off but they couldn't warrenty it for me. I just ordered an infarred temp gun, thats a pretty sure way of getting the temp at the thermostat
                2004 28 VOLVO 300 DIESELS


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                  198 on starboard and 192 on port. Two years back I had a Volvo mechanic take temperature readings at the thermostat housing while I was up on plane. I remember his readings being in the 175-185 range. He also confirmed that Volvo temp gauges were unreliable.
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                    It is true that the analog gauges are not accurate when it comes to exact PSI, temp, etc. I had similar questions regarding voltage and temp for my Volvos. I invested in two EDC digital displays back in 2005. It makes life A LOT EASIER. My compressor pressures, RPMs, voltage and temps are exact to the degree. No more trying to figure out why the port is 10 degrees higher than the starboard, when in fact they are only off by 1 degree.

                    The great thing about these displays is that they display instant GPH per engine and total fuel used as well. This gives me more confidence going out on long trips to the canyon.

                    I spent approximately $2200 for both units installed and can't imagine having volvos without them. It was definately worth the investment. The only item that it does not have on the display screens is oil PSI, but that hasn't bothered me ......
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                      What brand of edc digital display gauge did you purchase? I have been having the same problems with my temperature gauge reading high on my 300 KAMD and it turns out the sending unit is bad or that is what the mechanic told me this morning. The gauge was reading 205-210 so after changing impellars, thermostats and religiouly flushing my heat exchanger the temperature was still high. I then checked the temperature with a heat gun and it read 185 but not wanting to take any chances I took it back to the dealer and they are placing a new sending unit in the boat today. I guess I will find out this afternoon if that is the problem, however I do not want to rely on the fact that volvo just makes bad gauges and loose peace of mind over this 50 miles off shore.