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    I am looking for the next new boat. I fish offshore and want a soft ride. How is the 25 ride compared to other boats, regulator, hydra-sport, worldcat? What would you add to your 25 if you did it again? I am looking at a new diesel powered inboard model. I want to stay on the trailer since I chase the tuna up and down the coast. I also like the fact the smaller boats sip fuel compared to a larger model. I have met Mac and have heard dozens of stories about his service to his customers.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    This boat has a great ride and feels very stable in waves. But this isn't a flat bottom boat so you should expect some rocking when taking waves on the beam. You should test drive one!
    CC Rider
    '94 Carolina Classic 25
    Volvo 7.4l carb, DP


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      25 cc advice

      What would I add to my CC25? I did add 4 rod holders across the top - I find with rods in the side rocket launchers it's a challange to walk around them and outriggers when going thru locks or foward to tie/dock or anchor.
      I would add an anchor winch - don't often anchor offshore, but pulling up 250 ft of rode is a pain on a rough day.
      I'm thinking about replacing the wonderful stock outriggers with thru-roof riggers. Partly because the walking around issue, partly they present a challange in some docking situations. But I'm not sure about this.
      I did add small external radio speaker (speaker in dash mount radio not loud enough when running).
      I wish the boat had a real insulated fish box - not just the bait well.
      I did add the swim platform - a lot better for divers and my wife to get on board. Though I do love the freeboard.
      I have Merc gas/duoprop. I changed the stock Merc throttle to double controls (like you would have on inboard). GREAT improvement. Given option I would have gone with diesel inboard - however the duoprop has very good control in slow speed situations (docking). More so then single inboard setup.
      Have facory install thru hull transducer for your bottom machine.
      Cockpit combing backs were plywood - not sure now - when I recovered I used starboard. The plywood rotted (though wouldn't know till you removed).
      Add one more power outlet (both 12v and 110 at the 'v' berth (to plug in a fan when overnighting).
      Added cup (bottle) holders so when fishing I won't set my beer on the deck and spill it.
      Under combing cockpit lighting - I think this was fixed in 97 - but mine are on same switch as spreader lights. Poor design.
      Add a light over the dash (red and white) for early mornings.
      Consider 12v outlet near transom (for downrigger)
      Thicker cushions if you plan to overnight (or make a foam overlay)
      Only once did I wish for more fuel capacity.
      If sight fishing (like spring cobia run) would be nice for better footholds to climb on hardtop. That can get interesting...

      Ride vs. others: I've not ridden World Cat or Hydro - buddy has hydro and loves it. Ridden 25 Regulator and while it's nothing like a CC still it's a great ride for a center consel (better than Contender, way better than Proline, IMHO).
      The CC is a solid boat. Mostly dry ride. Great platform for trolling, any center consel has more room for bottom fishing. I run (loaded) with 3 or 4 people 3400rpm 22-24kts to fishing grounds in anything under 3'. Faster coming home when seas lay down. I single-handed from the Bahamas to Florida in small-craft (some 6-7ft seas, mostly 3-4s) and the boat did much better than I did. I trust this boat. It rides like a much larger vessel - but don't expect it to ride like a 20,000lb 32 ft. It doesn't.
      Trailers well - but it's heavy and you will know you are towing. Launch and retrieve can be done single handed with practice.
      and as everyone has already written - GREAT folks at the factory, even when (like me) you buy a pre-owned boat.

      all that said - if I had the dockspace and didn't want to trailer anymore, I would go larger. But isn't that always the case
      Go ride one - at least 2x. Pick a nice day and pick a wet windy crappy day.


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        cc advice

        One more improvement: the engine hour meter runs off the key, not when the engine is really running. This sucks!
        You will run up meter hours when you leave the key on - example, put boat on trailer. Turnoff engine. Turn on key and raise outdrive. Leave key on - discover 4 days later.... ugh. Log books help. john


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          any body have numbers on what they burn (gph) at cruise in their 25 cc? looking for #'s on the straight inboard (not the i/o). thanks!


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            Thanks for all your input.

            Any idea what your burn rate is?



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              Fuel burn


              Attachment is from Boat Test. com archives and reflects the KAD300 diesel engine with Volvo duoprop outdrive, which is what my 2004 is equipped with.

              Attached Files
              2004 Carolina Classic, Volvo 300 KAD
              2004 Boston Whaler Montauk, 90 hp Merc


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                Tpm: re burn rate
                No, I don't know exactly. I used to track fuel fill ups and hours on paper.
                Normal day - 1 hour at idle speed, 1 hour at 3250-3400 rpm, lots of hours trolling, 2 hours running home (3400+) and another hour idle and for the day averages 50-60 gallons. 3 people, ice, fishing gear etc.
                When it's all said I done I fiqure I get on average 1 mpg -

                Worst I ever did was 15gph overloaded in crappy seas running 17-19 kts (bad speed for my boat).
                Maybe I should pay more attention - I do know I ran 165 miles on a smooth day with a gulf stream (3Kt) push for much of trip and we used 168 gallons. (That's 3 gallons more than she holds!) 4 people, fairly loaded (vacation) 3250 -3400 rpm for almost all of trip. jd


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                  I was told by Keith to expect about 1.7mpg. I'm in the process of installing a Floscan set up now so I'll know before long. I took the wrong wire down to the coast last weekend so all we did was cut a hole and mount the gauge.
                  Advance, NC


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                    Thanks for all the information.