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Non skid worn smooth

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  • Non skid worn smooth

    I'll bet I am the first to report bare patches in my non skid; some attributable to my 120 quart cooler; some bare spots seem to be in the fish fighting locations in the corners!!

    I also have hundreds of dings and chips in the cockpit.

    In any event I see winter project - suggestions on the best way to approach it?

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    You're not the first one to have the problem. My 25CC has a gelcoat worn thru spot on one of the jackshaft access doors I assume the previous owner kept a cooler stored there. I also noticed a worn spot at the help but not worn thru.
    Advance, NC


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      Non Skid

      Bare Spots, WOW
      I am worried about stains and a few drops for bottom paint in my non-skid.

      Larry, I also keep a 120 Qt cooler in front of the livewell. It sits on a towel or rug. I hope the helps down the road!

      Nick 2003 CC28 KAMD300


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        towel/rug/grippy cooler holder

        I've done them all. Eventually by mid summer they get so blood inundated I can't stand them and go back to bare cooler - shame on me...


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          I googled this a while back...

          and had Keith send me a section of the flex mold as well as our factory gelcoat to get the color right. You will see this is not a project for the faint hearted. Taking a router to your deck takes nerve.

          The repairs I needed to make were very small (propably the same type of dings you mentioned) so I ground them out with my dremel tool and matched the original pattern by slightly over filling and sanding back with the edge of several strips of sand paper. Your repair sounds like a much larger job. Check this link.

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            For under the a roll of the "non-skid" material that they make for the shelves of kitchen cabinets. It is cross-stiched rubber and I bought some at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

            It is easy to clean since it doesn't absorb anything and you can wring it out.
            2002 28
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