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Sony Stereo Replacement

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  • Sony Stereo Replacement

    I have an 02. The only music it will play is a cd and I none of the controls work including volume or anything. Even the remote on the dash doesn't respond. I've thouroughly cleaned the contact points and took the radio out of the wall to make sure there were no obvious problems.

    Unless someone else has encountered the problem and figured it out, I want to know what stereo you used as a replacement. I am hoping I can get a replacement that will take the same plug in the back of the easy switch I hope.

    I also noticed the antennae wire from the back of the stereo goes nowhere but that is not related to none of the controls on the stereo not working.

    Any suggestions?
    2002 28
    Volvo Kamd 44p's


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    Sony Stereo


    I bought my boat new in 03 and I replaced mine under warranty in the 2nd year and the I am on the 3rd dash controller that does not work today. There is a replacement for your stero but I would look into one of the XM style radios before spending the money on what i consider to be junk.


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      sony radio

      i had 2 in my car and 1 in 04 28 cc...all were garbage...i replaced the boat radio with a poly planer unit with remote and have not had a prob. in 2 seasons...Charlie