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Water always in bildge area

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  • Water always in bildge area

    I was wondering is it normal to always have a little water in the bildge area? I wash my boat after each use and when I go out the next time I turn on the aft bildge pump and it always pumps out some water I was wondering is this normal? I have a 2004 28'.

    Thanks for your replys.
    Capt. Bobby G.

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    I think it's normal. I always seem to get a bit of water down in the bilge after my wash downs. My guess is it gets in mostly via the fish boxes and a little at the outer edges of the engine hatch. There is a fair amount of water that can sit below the float switch(s) level when the boat is leveled off in the slip. If you are worried that you might have a slow water intrusion just pump the bilge level down with a hand pump once and watch it for a few days - my bet is it will stay dry.
    Steve on Reel Screamer
    2004 Carolina Classic 28


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      I think that it comes in around the engine hatch too. I used to worry about it but I don't anymore.
      Tigerlily - CC 28
      Algarve, Portugal


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        water in the bilge.......

        it's only "normal" if you don't seal up your fish boxes!


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          Only a sealed up fish box guy would say that!
          Steve on Reel Screamer
          2004 Carolina Classic 28


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            The water also comes for the outside enging vents.


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              My 28 has the rubber inserts in the tower steps that has drain holes that drain into the main tower leg. Thats just one more way that water gets in the bildge.

              HAZ MAT


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                my 2006 28 is bone dry after correcting a leak inthe exhaust elbow.
                you need to taste the water to see if salt or fresh before accepting it.