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Broken rigger guy wire?

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  • Broken rigger guy wire?

    1 guy which was fraying finally snapped in seas yesterday and 2 more are not far from joining it. I made emergency repairs at sea w. 400# mono and crimps. but am not sure the best way to make a permanent repair.

    49 strand shark wire and crimps to the collar at the top and to the turnbuckle eye at the bottom?

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    I broke a wire also this weekend.If you come up with a better way to rigg it please let me know as this has been my second problem in less than a year with my new boat.I read that you had some action in the crab ledge area,we did well also at Stellwagon.


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      I'm D.I.Y'ing it

      rather than dealing w/ Lee's I'm going to take a clip of cable to my marina store and have them match it for me. I'm guessing its simply 49 strand wire and a common sailbpat item. I'll then remove the rigger; cut out the old one; crimp the new wire around the upper collar and shrink wrap the clip;then run it down to the turnbuckle eye; set up to crimp w/ the turnbuckle barely attached; then crimp that end and tighten up the turnbuckle.

      I had all 3 types of clips stick this weekend; Rupp's, Blacks and Aftco and no doubt having 60 or 80 pounds of fish leaning on the rigger hastened the end of my guys, but they are 10 years on and have been fraying for a year or two now. Some of it and possibly the uy was my fault as the rigger lines were not tight enough.

      The best approach I have for the big bars is to run the bars out where you want them; then tie them to the outrigger clips with a pair of #64 rubber bands. Those will release when you want them to.

      I also troll my longest bar off an upraised rigger to get more height, distance, and hopefully a cleaner release. That one has had perhaps 60 or 70 % of the hits I have got in my 10 year career out east and had 5 out of the 6 hookups on Sat.


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        Answer my own question

        My marina's ship store matched the guy cable with 1 X 19 1/16" steel cable.

        I cut off the old guys with a wire cutter, left the thimbles in place.

        56' of cable at 30 cents/foot plus crimps plus one missing thimble cost me ~20$.

        Ran the end of thje cable up through the spread arm hole put on shrink sleeve, crimp, threaded the cable through thimble on the upper collar; tighttened down and crimped.

        Then I went to the other end; loosened the turnbuckle almost all the way; cut the cable with an extra 6" just in case; slid on sleeve, crimp, threaded through thimble on turnbuckle eye. Getting this end as tight as possible was important; then crimp; cut off the excess cable and tighten down the turnbuckle.

        One rigger probably took less than 2 hr's of lazy effort and 20$ of parts.


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          That sounds a lot more economical than the $160 that Cataumut Boat (The CC dealer I bought my boat from)for 4 new wires from Lee.I am going to look around for a new pair of outriggers this fall.The Lee pro seires that I have are the biggest pair of junk I have ever owned.The wall thickness of the tubes are so thin that its no wonder both of my riggers are bent and twisted, also the tubes taper in the middle of every section. That is the weak point of every section where the bends are happening .Does anyone know of a high quality outrigger or a person that will custom make them?