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  • Want to learn more about the 25CC

    I am interested in finding out more about the CC 25. I live in SC and until recently had a Contender. I have heard a lot about the CC 25 but have never had the opportunity to take a ride in one. A straight inboard w/diesel is what I would be most interested in. I was wondering if there is anyone on this site that would be willing to let me take a look at there boat, share some helpful info., and give me a test ride in some choppy seas to see how this boat performs. I would be happy to pay for the fuel etc. I just have not seen any of the 25's in my area and would like to learn more about them as I pursue trying to purchase another boat. Thanks Scott

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    I live in NY so offering a ride would be tricky but I can offer some info.

    The CC25 is a fantastic boat! The ride is excellent, Sunday I was cruising along at 30-35mph in light wave action without the slightest bit of discomfort. But the more strenuous test is when its nasty out and I can say that I've been in 4-6ft waves in L.I. sound (higher wave frequency, meaning steeper waves) and the CC handled it like a champ. I felt very secure cruising along at a nice clip without slapping the hull.

    Aside from the seakindly nature of this design, I think its the most attractive boat in its class. There isn't a person that walks by my boat that doesn’t stop and comment "nice boat" - which is more attention then I would expect for a 1994.
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      new cc 25

      I have had mine for 1 1/2 months and have logged 50 hours so far. This boat kicks butt! I cannot say enough on how it squashes waves and keeps you dry. So far, no problems with the boat or the 315 yanmar diesel. IT SIPS FUEL!!! Be sure to review the list of options and pay attention to them. If I were to order another 25, I would get the bow thruster. Not that I can't handle a boat, but, a single engine boat handles like a barn door in the wind. Mac and Co. really know what they are doing and really pay attention to the little stuff!

      I would urge you to get the 315 yanmar, it is pplenty powerful and pushes me along with a top speed of about 27 knots @ wot with 2/3 fuel. I generally run it at 3200 rpm which pushes me along @ about 21-22 knots. Remember....there is no evil ethanol in diesel!

      Feel free to ask additional questions.
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